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An ultrasound tech will look for a penis or testicles when checking an ultrasound scan for a body. These parts of the anatomy make themselves very apparent on a scan in males.

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Q: What to look for on a ultrasound scan for a boy?
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What is the scan called you get when you are pregnant?

It is an ultrasound scan.

What does ultrasound scan?


What all is involved with having an ultrasound scan?

Ultrasound scan requirements vary depending on the type of ultrasound. For example, for a pregnancy ultrasound, the woman is expected to drink 4 glasses of water and not relieve her bladder for an hour before the scan.

Can a ultrasound scan be a week out?

?????? a week out?

Does a ultrasound scan hurt?

Not at all.

What is hypoechoic?

A hypoechoic mass is a lump which appears darker on an ultrasound scan. These darker areas on an ultrasound scan are suggestive of a tumor.

What is involved in an ultrasound scan?

an ultrasound scanner Also included is the jelly and the monitor

How does a baby scan work?

A baby scan or ultrasound machine is a device that checks your unborn baby's condition. It shows a gray visual where you can see your baby's body and movement. Your OB can explain how your baby is going to look like on the scan itself. When you get to the baby scan center, they are going to put ultrasound gel on your belly and later there's the ultrasound probe that they will pass over your skin. The baby will then be visible on the monitor because of the baby scan.

While in pregrency when it becomes clear that the baby will ba a boy or girl?

Unless you have an ultrasound scan or a test - not until they're born.

Who was the inventor of the ultrasound scan?

nicholas tesla

What does MI means on a ultrasound scan?

what does the term MI mean on a dogs heart ultrasound

When was the Ultrasound scan invented?

1961 by Ian Donald

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