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If you are buying a guitar, here are a few tips to look for before you decide to buy a guitar. Look for these factors.

  • Look at the guitar and make sure there are no cracks throughout. When looking, make sure you look in the sound hole and check out the braces inside the guitar for cracks. Look at the back of the neck up near the headstock for cracks, and look at the headstock for cracks. If there are cracks in these areas you do not want the guitar.
  • Look at the bridge from many angles. (The bridge is the area where you attach the strings to the body of the guitar). Look to see if it is peeling away from the body of the guitar. Also, look at the body of the guitar just before the bridge of the guitar. Sometimes this area will warp or bend into the guitar. The guitar is still OK but you could have some tuning issues with the guitar.
  • Put the body of the guitar up to your face and look down the neck. Make sure there is no warping of the neck to the right, left, front or back. If there is, you do not want the guitar, no matter what the price.
  • Play the guitar and listen for dead spots. If there are areas of the guitar that the notes do not play then there are dead spots. There is most likely a bend in the neck and you do not want the guitar.
  • Make sure the tuning pegs work. If they do need to be replaced it is not expensive and they are easy to change.
  • Check the action. The action of the guitar is how high the strings are set above the fret board. If the strings are too high then the guitar will be very hard to play and no fun to learn on. If it is too low then the guitar will not play properly. The action should be comfortable for you.

There are more things to look for but if you use this as a basic guide to buying your beginner guitar you should be fine. The most important things are, that you have a playable guitar and have fun learning.

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