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What to tell about yourself in an interview?


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During an interview, you should talk about past job experiences and anything you feel would help you have a better chance at getting the job. Depending on the circumstances, you may want to emphasize any experience you have in that particular field. Also, sound confident, but not concieted, and proove to them that you are right for the job through your actions and complete answers.

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The best interview answer when somebody asks you to tell them about yourself is to express your interests and what qualities you have.

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Tell Him a bit about you personally, name, tell him why your there.Then tell him your professions, what you excel at, etc.

By telling your strengths and weaknesses.Something about yourself that is related to the job you are applying.

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There is not a difference between describing yourself and telling about yourself in a job interview. This is a time when you want to try and sell yourself so the employer will want to hire you.

In any job interview, you might have to tell the interviewer about yourself. You don't want to ramble on, disclosing personal information. Instead, focus on highlights that are relevant to the position for which you are applying.

For this you must have to tell information about yourself but try to avoid information which is not related with the interview. You can tell about which course you have completed and what is your dream in this profession etc.

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you have to be very honest about the way you are. or tell them that you are very productive, open, and willing to work hard!

i m good and cool guy with lots of patients and hard working in me..

To introduce yourself at a cabin crew interview, tell everyone your name and what age you are, and what you have been doing recently. Elaborate on any interesting points about you that are relevant to the job.

You say what your hobbies are and what you excelled at in collage (or high school). You tell about your family also.

well im i hard worker and ill do ever thing you tell me to do!!!

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