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The stalemate resulted in a Armistice. A truce, signed in 1953.


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The Korean War was fought to a stalemate.

The Korean War took place in Korea, a country in Asia.

The war ended in a stalemate.

The Korean War took place from 1950-1953.

It did not end in a stalemate. It ended in a cease fire agreement.

For events, see website: Korean War

more of a stalemate then failure..............

it was a stalemate, so no one lost

What was one effect of the stalemate in the Korean war within the United states

In Korea, surprsiginly enough.

A stalemate between the U.S. and the Soviet Union

because there was no winner, only a truce.

In the Korean War, the fighting took place on the Korean Peninsula. The war was part of a larger competition between the United States and the Soviet Union, known as the Cold War.

Korean War which started in June 1950 through July 1953

No, I would not. It is a stalemate at best.

It was ended via an armistice on July 27 1953

The Korean War took place on the Korean Peninsula, from Pusan on the southern tip to the Yalu River which forms the border between North Korea and China.

The Korean War started when President Harry S. Truman was in office. President Dwight D. Eisenhower took office near the end of the conflict.

General MacArthur favored breaking the stalemate in the Korean War with a bold attack. He landed his army at Inchon and moved it south, trapping the North Korean army between the United States army and the South Korean army inside the Pusan Perimeter in the south of the country.

After, coming to a stalemate, They finally came to a cease-fire agreement in 1953.

Stalemate. Both sides ended the conflict in much the same place they started. Technically, the war hasn't ended, as the two sides have only agreed a ceasefire - not peace.

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