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Colonial Blacksmiths are known to be the most important job in history & if you had a toothache (if your dad was a colonial blacksmith) he would get his tongs and pull out the tooth that is hurting.

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Where did colonial milliners get tools?

Colonial milliner's used the tools from a blacksmith.

What tools did a colonial pewterer use?

what tools do olonial pewters use

How did the blacksmith get his job?

how did colonial blacksmith "James Anderson get his job?"

Where did tanners get there tools?

they got there tools by blacksmith

Colonial blacksmith job description?

In colonial America, a blacksmith was someone who froged iron into kettles, hinges, weather vanes, nails, axes, hoes, and many other products. The difference between a blacksmith and a silversmith, is that for one, a blacksmith uses iron, and a silversmith uses silver. Also, a blacksmith heats the metal before he shapes it, while a silversmith uses a variety of hammers to pound the room-temperature silver into tools.

Do coopers and carpenters get tools from the blacksmith?

They used to in the old days. Now they use their own tools or get them from the company store.

What did colonial gunsmiths use?


What did colonial children use for tools?

Colonial children children used wooden tools like: forks,spoons,and every everyday tools and they were all wooden.

What does colonial blacksmith wear?

a blacksmith would wear handmade pants, clothes, and shoess.

What did a colonial blacksmith do?

They used hammers, an anvil, and a fire to sculpt and pound things like pots and pans out of metal. see: what did a colonial blacksmith make?

What tools and supplies did colonial school masters use?

The main tools that schoolmasters used from the colonial times were, pencils,chalk, and a big stick

What was a colonial blascksmiths job?

they made iron tools and utensils. everything was made of metal. a blacksmith was a very hard and tiring job and usally done by men.

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