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What tools do you use to change an alternator on a 93 Saturn SL1?


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2005-03-17 20:56:41
2005-03-17 20:56:41

You'll need some metric sockets. 3/8" drive will be fine. Maybe a small extension and the ratchet. Not to many tools involved.


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I was able to watch a mechanic change the alternator on my 93 Saturn sl1 and it wasnt pretty. Unlike the easy to change alternators like the dodge stratus (alternator in FRONT, on TOP and in plain sight), the Saturn sl1's alternator is between the motor and the passenger cabin (hidden and underneath). What tools do you use??? A lift for starters. It took my mechanic about 2 hours to do the job and he was swearing and cussing the entire time. I sincerely suggest that you have a professional do the job.

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In the alternator Needs new Alternator if it's bad

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The starter on a 2001 Saturn SL1 is located on the driver's side of the engine. It is just to the left and in front of the alternator/generator.

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On the 1995 Saturn SL1 The oil pressure sending unit is the sensor closest to the alternator. The unit is on the back of the block.

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timing for spark plug wires for saturn sl1 1996

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