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Top iron ore producers that are not located in Asia are Australia, Brazil, and South Africa. Also on the list is the United States.

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Q: What top iron ore producers are not in asia?
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What products top 5 producers are in asia?

Rice, curry, noodles, fish, chicken, wheat, tobacco, cotton, potatoes, crude oil, coal, natural gas, iron ore, zinc, aluminum, gold, copper, and diamonds.

What are Facts about iron ore?

Iron ore is a mineral that is used to produce steel, which is essential in the construction of buildings, infrastructure, and machinery. The top producers of iron ore are Australia, Brazil, China, India, and Russia. It is one of the most abundant metals on Earth and plays a significant role in the global economy.

Top 10 producers of iron ore?

1. China 2. Japan 3. U.S.A 4. Russian Federation 5. India 6. South Korea 7. Germany 8. Ukraine 9. Brazil 10. Italy

What is the most mined metal ore?

Iron ore is the most commonly mined metal ore in the world. It is a key ingredient in the production of steel, which is used in various industries such as construction, automotive, and manufacturing. Australia, Brazil, and China are among the top producers of iron ore globally.

Which country is largest producer of iron ore in the world?

Brazil is the top producer of Iron Ore.

What countries in Asia are top producers in rice?


In which countries can iron be found?

The top 10 countries that mine the most iron ore are below. This is a good indication of iron ore presence in each country.ChinaAustraliaBrazilIndiaRussiaUkraineUSACanadaSouth AfricaSweden

Where on earth is iron mined?

Iron ore can be found almost anywhere deep underground. The top countries mining iron ore are China followed by Australia, Brazil, India and Russia. If you google "china iron ore map" in images you'll find the most active iron ore mines in the world.

Is Iron mined in Australia?

Yes. Iron ore is one of Australia's top mining exports.

Who mines the most Iron ore?

Australia is the largest producer of iron ore in the world, with major mining companies such as BHP, Rio Tinto, and Fortescue Metals Group leading the sector. These companies operate extensive mining operations in Western Australia's Pilbara region, which is a key hub for iron ore production.

How does limestone coke and iron ore get into the blast furnace?

through the top of the blast furnace

How do you make iron in xbox 360 minecraft?

It is impossible to make iron in Minecraft, but it is possible to make iron ingots. To do this, you need a furnace, some coal, and iron ore, you put the coal in the bottom part of the furnace, and put the iron ore in the top, over time, you will get iron ingots.