What torture methods were used in the holacaust?

The Nazi's killed the Jews by bringing them to concentration camps to work until they decided to kill them. They were also brought to Gas chambers. Where they would get out and go in the room and be told their going to take a shower but gas would be sprayed out and kill them. Also they would take all the Jews in the city out to the woods and tell them to "undress" and line up. and then they would be shot in the back of the head by the Nazi patrols.

The gas-chambers and mass shootings were not torture techniques as such - usually to obtain spurious "confessions" - but methods of killing the Jews as part of Hitler's plan to exterminate them. However, the Nazis did perform terrible "medical" experiments on some of their victims, such as tests on surviving immersion in cold water. Most tortures for interrogations were inflicted on political opponents and resistance-fighters by the Gestapo (secret police) and the Waffen SS (an army branch).