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bamboo peirced through body

bamboo hammered in nails

night long beatings

and last that i know

electric shocks


I suspect this answer is mere guess-work, partly because the question is vague anyway.

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What torture methods were used in the Vietnam War?

waterboarding and isobacraft....

What torture methods were used during the Holocaust and in World War 2?

They would be shown a picture of your filthy grandmother.

What were the methods of torture used by Joseph Stalin?

Joseph Stalin was the leader of Russia during World War II. He was a brutal dictator who was known for his heavy fist. He did not directly commit the torture, however, his secret police were known for carrying out his work.

What torture techniques were used in world war 1?

Torture techniques used in World War 1 included electric shock, night long beatings, and waterboarding. In addition, bamboo pierced through the body and hammered into the nail was used.

What methods of execution were used in World War 1?

The methods of execution used in World War I included hanging and the firing squad. These were considered the most humane.

What were Nazi Gestapo torture methods on prisoners during World War 2?

The Gestapo was focused mainly on gaining information, especially toward the end of the war and their torture methods became more and more violent as time passed. Early survivors reported mainly beatings but later reports included electrical and sexual tortures as well.

What methods of travel were used in World War 1?

horses and tanks

How did Hitler torture girls in torture World War 2?

He would dip their pigtails in the inkwell.

What kind of cooking methods did they use in world war 1?

they used basic cooking skills in world war one

Why did they torture people in world war 2?

Because people love to torture others.. Just like today. also the methods were that they would put bambo under your nails and put water on they and it would slowly rip your finger nails off.

What did the Germans do to people in World War 2?

Capture them and torture the,

Was there new methods of combat used by US in World War 1?

use of tanks

What were the fighting methods used in World War 1?

trench method and expanding military

What kind of tourture would they did they to twins in the concentration camps?

The torture methods that they used on the twins in war concentration camps was very brutal. They used to sew (stitch) the twins together to see if they could survive as Siamese twins.

How were the methods of diplomacy different in World War 1 and World War 2?

I would say since they were from different time periods there were different strategies used.

Did Nazis still torture Jews after world war 2?

No, the Nazis were defeated.

What methods has the world community used to resolve conflicts since world war 2?

cos jedward ran in and shot them all

What type of torture where used in the Vietnam war?

See website: Hanoi Hilton

What torture devices were used against the Jews in world war 2?

gas chamber lining them up against the wall and shooting them individually.

Why were traditional methods of fighting no longer possibille in world war 1?

Why were traditional methods of fighting no longer possible during World War I

What is a T word for used World War 2?

Words beginning with T and used in WW2 include:TanksTortureNot sure if Tommy Gun was used by troops in WW2, or by gangsters pre-1940s.

Did the Americans do cruel things to German soldiers in World War 2?

Yes,torture etc

What camps were Japanese Americans sent to during World War 1?

Ones with lots of torture

What crimes happened in World War 2?

Rape, robbery, murder, kidnapping, arson, torture

What Japanese sports were played during World War 2?

Whip the prisoner and torture the POW.

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