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all i know is that they used lira or shekel and it is similar the english money but in english money we dont have 1cent in jesus time they had 1cent and they still do.

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Differences between foreign trade and domestic trade?

domestic trade:- same currency foreign trade:- different currency are used

What is the currency of trade in Brazil?

The currency is "Real" i think??

Why did world trade become difficult during the Depression?

World trade became difficult. Countries restricted the exchange of currency, and even encouraged barter.

How would someone be able to trade their currency?

To be able to trade your currency you might have to go to a bank or go somewhere in the closest airport to you and inside the airport they will be a place to exchange your currency.

Which banks in the United States will trade currencies?

Bank of America and OANDA trade currency, as does the Fed. Currency trading is a global market.

Which did Jesus Christ do during his life?

preached about tolerance disrupted trade at a temple Taught Jewish ideas

Does a currency trading indicator explain things?

Yes, it a currency trading indication will help in the task. A currency trade indicator helps keep you updated on the cycle of trading almost two to three times a day and get the best outcome on your trades.

Why is FX currency exchange important to international trade?

The FX currency exchange is essential to international trade. It allows for the conversion of currency, USD to Yen to Euro to GBP, you name it, they convert it.

How did trading begin with currency?

The oldest recorded incident of currency trading was mentioned in the Bible when Jesus went to Jerusalem and entered the temple and threw out the money changers. back in those days since Jerusalem was the spiritual capital, people from near by regions would travel.. It was in Jerusalem that they would trade their foreign currency with the local currency.

What currency was used in slave trade?

Whatever currency used by the country purchasing the slaves was typically use in slave trade. Hope it helped! Ari

Can you use any currency to do a forex trade?

The best thing about a forex trade is the variety of currency that is able to be used. Since this is a foreign exchange market, any type of currency around the world can be used.

Reaction to currency act?

The currency act was enacted in 1784. Under the currency act, the settlers had no currency to trade. The response to this act was the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

When and why did trade by ship begin along the Rhine River?

trade along the river by ship had its beginning during Roman times.

How do you exchange tickets for robux?

You can exchange them at the Currency Exchange. Go to "Catalog" and then click "Trade Currency"

What is Spain's currency trade?

The currency in Spain is the Euro (same as most of Europe apart from UK).

What was the name of the currency in Jesus' time?

I don't know the name, but since Judea was under the rule of Caesar Augusta, it would be safe bet to say they used Roman currency. I've heard that Judea in that time was a hot bed of trade. So most likely they used currency from different nations as well.

What are three forms of exchange?

Trade Barter and currency

How did currency help roman trade grow?

By building roads, canals, harbors, adn using roman coins.

Why is it beneficial for all the countries to have on currency?

If all countries had the same currency, it would promote equal trade.

What is the money system for European trade?

Internal trade is done in the currency of the country in question. International trade is done in the currency of one of the two countries involved. If a company in country A buys something from a company B, they agree to either use the currency of country A or that of country B. This is often the Euro, as this is the main currency used by the majority of countries in Europe.

Where can i trade money from a nother country in at?

Update currency status for countries and trade by Forex brokers.

Can you trade foreign currency at any Wells Fargo financial bank?

Yes you can. Wells Fargo is an international Bank and you will be able to do that there. There are also other places where you can trade foreign currency.

How does Forex currency exchange work?

Forex currency exchange works by one person paying another currency for that currency. Generally, there are always rates that people trade with, and they are always changing.

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