What trade is better cse or ece?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: What trade is better cse or ece?
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Which is better-vit chennai cse or sir mvit Bangalore ece?

It depends on your interest.

Which is better to choose in b-tech either CSE or ECE?

It completely depends on your interest. Both of them have equal opportunities. ECE is said to be more difficult.

Which is best ece or IT?

for placement IT is best and for gaining knowledge and communication skills again IT is best

Ece department code for trichy Anna university?

133 is the department code for ECE.132 for CSE 134 for IT

What is the cut off rank to get into SNIST or VNR vigyan jothy any branch?

General Category For SNIST : ECE - 3000-3500 CSE - 3500-5000 For VNR : ECE - 5000-6000 CSE - 6500-7500

Gate 2011 answer key solutions solved papers for cs ece cse eee where can you get?

This is a link to a blog that posts up to date information:

Is ECE is more better than IT?

Which is more better ece or it

What are branches in IIT?

IIT's have all the basic branches in sciences and mathematics. For example ..CSE,ECE,EEE,Mechanical...

Is there biotechnology course in RGUKT?

No there is no biotechnology in RGUKT.In this university only chemical ,civil,mechanical,ece and cse engineering courses are there.

What are the department codes for madurai Anna university?

cse 132 it 134 ece 133 eee 121 civil 111

Can you do mtech in cse as btech course was ece?

After completing a BTech in Electronics, you can pursue an MTech in CSE, but your GATE paper must be in computer science and IT. This method is without issues.

Is ece at mnnit allahabad good?

im an ece student at MNNIT, allahabad.... all i can say is that ece is one of the worst branches here... you will get a job because this college has an excellent reputation... but not along the same lines as the mechanical or computer science students here... so go for ece only if u dont get Mech, CSE or IT in MNNIT.