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IIT's have all the basic branches in sciences and mathematics. For example ..CSE,ECE,EEE,Mechanical...

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Q: What are branches in IIT?
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Where are the branches of hindustan unilever ltd?

Iit in karakpur

What is the name of the Feast conducted in IIT?

The different Branches of IIT conduct Feast seperately and have different names.

What type of engineering is the best choice in all engineering branches?


What is fees in IIT per year?

The fee collected in different branches of IIT is different but they all are below 50 thousand per annum.

Narayana's Branches In And Around Hyderabad?

it is the best institution of IIT preparation that's why i am asking about this institution.

What is iit what courses can be studied through iit?

IIT or Indian institute of Technology is "The Best" institute for getting an engineering degree in India. Once you clear the entrance exam, and get and admission, You can Pursue your graduation(B.Tech) in any of the branches like Computers, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical etc, depending on your rank.

Name the 7 IITs?

IIT Delhi IIT Mumbai IIT Kharagpur IIT Kanpur IIT Chennai IIT Roorki IIT Gandhipuram

Which IIT held IIT-JEE in1996?

IIT Kanpur.

Where is IITuniversity?

Clarify your question. Which IIt are you looking for? IIT DELHI/IIT MUMBAI/IIT Kanpur, etc.

When did IIT Roorki get the status of an IIT?

IIT Roorki got the status of IIT around 9 years ago.

Which is the best iit for mechanical engineering?

IIT kharagpur is the best IIT for mechanical engineering. IIT Delhi ranks second.

Where is oldest IIT situated?

IIT Roorkee is the oldest IIT. It is situated in Uttarakand.