What trade route did Ferdinand Magellan establish?

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Ferdinand Magellan tried to circle the globe but died along the way. Other explorers established the trade route.
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What did Ferdinand Magellan do?

Magellan, though Portuguese by birth, captained a Spanish fleet with the intention of reaching the Spice Islands (Maluku, Indonesia) by sailing west around South America. T

What was Ferdinand Magellan?

Ferdinand Magellan was an explorer who is known for being the firstEuropean to travel to Asia through the west. He grew up on shipsand was a very good navigator.

What route did Ferdinand Magellan take to circumnavigate the globe?

Ferdinand Magellan started off his voyage in Seville, Spain. He headed southwest down toward South America. Staying along the East coastline of South America, then sailing thr

What did he do Ferdinand Magellan?

Ferdinand Magellan was most famous for having the 1st voyage around the world. his 5 ships were the sanot Antonio the conception the the Victoria and the Santiago. Magellan wa

Did ferdinand magellan establish a colony?

Ferdinand Magellan established the colony at Malacca. This colonywas begun in 1511, but once the colonization was complete Magellancontinued his voyage.

Where were Muslim trade routes established?

This entirely depends on the era of the trade routes in question. In the early Islamic period, the trade routes were primarily between Arabian cities. When the Muslim empires