What trade route did Ferdinand Magellan establish?

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Ferdinand Magellan tried to circle the globe but died along the way. Other explorers established the trade route.
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Who was Ferdinand Magellan?

Ferdinand Magellan (c. 1480-1521) was an early explorer of the New World. He was one of the first individuals to cross all the meridians of the globe, sailing to the Pacific through the South American straits that now bear his name. Magellan, though Portuguese by birth, captained the Spanish flee ( Full Answer )

What did Ferdinand Magellan do?

Magellan, though Portuguese by birth, captained a Spanish fleet with the intention of reaching the Spice Islands (Maluku, Indonesia) by sailing west around South America. The expedition, from 1519-1522, became famous as the first to sail completely around the Earth. After Magellan was killed duri ( Full Answer )

Why did Ferdinand Magellans parents die?

The reason why Ferdinand Magellan's parents died is unknown. Theonly documentation about it states that they died when he was 10.

Ferdinand Magellan Objective?

His original objective in traveling, and navigating the earth, was to find an easier route to the spice islands in Asia, because spices were scarce in Europe and were practically unavailable to them at the time. Spices were sold very high during his time, and were quite expensive, because they were ( Full Answer )

Did Ferdinand Magellan go to school?

no he was home schooled and his mother and father died when he was only 10 years old, he was put under the queens protection

When did Ferdinand Magellan set sail?

1519 is when he started to circumnavigate the globe. But in 1520 hewas killed and his crew brought his ship back to spain. Which makeseveryone think that he sailed around the world.

Ferdinand Magellan accomplishments?

Ferdinand Magellan's main accomplishment was he was the first explorer to circumnavigate the world. Circumnavigate - To sail around the world.

When did Ferdinand Magellan go to school?

Ferdinand Magellan never went to school he was tutored at the palace of Portugal while he a page to the queen he was tutored at the same time

Where is Ferdinand Magellan buried?

Magellan was never buried, as far as we know. He died in Mactan,Philippines, in a battle with Lapulapu. His remains were apparentlykept by Lapulapu as a trophy, but know one knows what reallyhappened. Pigafetta and Ginés de Mafra provided written documents of theevents culminating in Magellan's d ( Full Answer )

Why is ferdinand magellan a man?

Ferdinand Magellan was a man because he was an adult and not awoman or a lower animal -- all that's left was for him to be a man.

What was Ferdinand Magellan?

Ferdinand Magellan was an explorer who is known for being the firstEuropean to travel to Asia through the west. He grew up on shipsand was a very good navigator.

What route did Ferdinand Magellan take to circumnavigate the globe?

Ferdinand Magellan started off his voyage in Seville, Spain. He headed southwest down toward South America. Staying along the East coastline of South America, then sailing through a waterway at the southern tip of South America, known as the Strait of Magellan. He then started heading North toward H ( Full Answer )

What did he do Ferdinand Magellan?

Ferdinand Magellan was most famous for having the 1st voyage around the world. his 5 ships were the sanot Antonio the conception the the Victoria and the Santiago. Magellan was killed by poison arrow through the foot and a spear through the heart. he died in the island of Cebu in the city of mactan ( Full Answer )

Did ferdinand magellan establish a colony?

Ferdinand Magellan established the colony at Malacca. This colonywas begun in 1511, but once the colonization was complete Magellancontinued his voyage.

Where were Muslim trade routes established?

This entirely depends on the era of the trade routes in question. In the early Islamic period, the trade routes were primarily between Arabian cities. When the Muslim empires began to occupy a much larger stretch of the world, these trade routes began to encompass the entire Middle East to India and ( Full Answer )

Magellan gps named after Ferdinand Magellan?

It seems reasonable to assume that the gps Magellan was named after Ferdinand Magellan, since he was a well known explorer for Spain, even though he was of portueguese descent. Steve Ligon Hanna Schliess

Who established a trade route between Mexico and the Philippines?

Mexican settlement in the Philippines comprises a multilingualFilipino ethnic group composed of Philippine citizens with Mexican ancestry. [3] [ not in citationgiven ] The immigration of Mexicans to the Philippines dates back to the Spanish period. In the Philippines there are 400 Mexic ( Full Answer )

What did Ferdinand Magellan do in 1531?

He did nothing in 1531, because he died in 1521 againt the Lapu-Lapu forces on Mactan Island in the Phillippines. He fought againt the Lapu-Lapu forces, because he joined forves with the natives too fight Lapu-Lapu. MAGELLAN DIED IN 1521 APRIL 27

Why is Ferdinand Magellan not important?

He kind of is important, but NOT MAJOR. Maybe he isnt important. Because, he didnt do much. Sure, he explored a lot. But, he's small compared to others like Lewis and Clark, John Smith and others.

Was Ferdinand Magellan a pirate?

He was the first known conqueror of the Archipelago Island's of the Philippines. Real Pirate Goal Is To Conquer Riches And Wealth Around the World. Ferdinand Magellan Was Commanded By King Charles I That Commanded By The Pope In Spain To Spread The Christianity Around The World. So Ferdinand Magel ( Full Answer )

What was a quote by Ferdinand Magellan?

The church says the earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen the shadow on the moon, and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church.

Why did Ferdinand Magellan leave?

There are many reasons that explorers leave. He could of left because he wanted to be famous, he wanted riches, or he wanted good trade items.

Where did Ferdinand Magellan go exploring?

To Brazil, Well that's all he got to. He was killed on the Philippine's Island, he wanted to get to Spice Island for spices and for the first man who circumnavigated the globe.

What did Ferdinand Magellan do that made him famous?

Ferdinand Magellan was famous for circumnavigating the earth, though he was killed toward the end of his journey. When he landed on Cebu, he converted the Chief from their native religion to Christianity. When other islands heard of this, they began a war against this decision. It was in this war, t ( Full Answer )

What country did Ferdinand Magellan go to and why?

Magellan was suppose to sail to the "spice islands" because the spices there were rare around the world, but he navigated wrong, he arrived in the Philippines instead where he was killed, but he had another task, King Charles II

Where did Ferdinand Magellan get hired?

He didnt get hired he asked king charles 1 to support him on his circumnavigation, and it was his choice to do it because he wanted to claim back the spice island.

Why was Ferdinand Magellan not trusted by his crew?

Ferdinand Magellan crew did not trust him because he had the cure for scurvy and he didn't share it with his crew. It wasn't later in his voyage that his crew found out that he was keeping the cure from them. When they found out that he was keeping the cure from them they made him tell them. When th ( Full Answer )

When did Ferdinand Magellan work for Spain?

Magellan was Portuguese. He sailed west to find a new trading route to Asia and the spice Islands. He could not get permission from the Portuguese King, so he changed nationality and persuaded the King of Spain to give him permission to sail. The Portuguese King did not like Magellan, and did not b ( Full Answer )

Was Ferdinand Magellan history important?

he was the first person is sail the whole world and he discovered that Columbus, Cobott, and himself was not a part of Asia but a unknown country.

What are the years that Ferdinand Magellan sailed?

In 1520, he was a Portuguese seaman sailing for Spain and reached the southernmost tip of South America. He sailed through stormy waters of a strait into the ocean Balboa had seen. The waters were so peaceful [ pacifico in Spanish] that Magellan named the ocean Pacific. Although Magellan later died ( Full Answer )

Why did Ferdinand Magellan dead?

because some teachers said that Lapu-lapu actually didn't killed Magellan but one of Lapu-lapu's member killed him.

What did Ferdinand Magellan wanted to do?

he wanted to find a way to Asia. After he died the Europeans said his trip was too long so they started looking for the North Western Passage. (which didn't exist)

What country established the first trade route with Asia?

It depends on what you mean by "country" and "Asia", and perhaps the scope of "first". If you mean any settled people group not on the Asian continent conducting formal trade with any settled people group on the Asian continent, then I would be looking at the Monitu tribes in the Sinai (Mafka ( Full Answer )