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Q: What traditional Indian curries are there?
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what are some traditional Indian foods?

Traditional Indian foods are mainly curries such as madras,korma,vindaloo,jalfrezi and bhuna.Another traditional Indian food is tandoori which gets its name from the tandoor which is an oven in which is cooked.

What food is served in Brick Lane?

Brick Lane Curry House is a restaurant in New York. They serve traditional Indian food, including curries and tandoor dishes.

What is the hottest curry?

Curries originate from regions where chillies are frequently used in cooking, and the amount of chilli - and so the heat of the curry - will depend upon personal and regional preferences when it comes to deciding how much chilli to use. In parts of the world where curries were not traditional foods, Indian restaurants are especially known for their curries, and of these the Vindaloo is probably consistently the hottest of all.

Do Mexicans enjoy hot curries?

Many Mexican people enjoy Indian food including hot curries.

What is a Bombay cat diet?

Indian curries?

What is an English dish for a banana main course?

Bananas are not used in main courses for traditional English dishes. It can be found in desserts like banana trifle and Indian curries as a main entree dish.

What is some famous food of the Reunion island?

Indian Curries

What food Indians nowadays eat?

Indian people eat Indian food such as curries, rice and bread.

What food is enjoyed in UK?

Indian curries as much as fish and chips

What is difference between Indian and West Indian curry powder?

West Indian curries contain less spices than found in the Indian curry paste and masala.

What is traditional food of Pakistan?

Pakistan traditional food is divided in categories which are further divided in further categories... Karahi Breads curries Kababs Rice

When were curries first introduced into UK?

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Indian dishes first came to the United Kingdom when British Settlers of India would return home with Indian Servants who would cook them the same exotic foods that they ate in India. Concurrently, Indian immigrants coming to the United Kingdom for advanced schooling and a better life, brought their recipes and cultures with them. Curries, however, in the modern understanding, are a British modification of the traditional Indian recipes. This mass cultural shift and increase in the Britishization of Indian cuisine happened primarily in the 1970s and 1980s as Indian Immigration swelled in Britain and the British people became less culturally dismissive of them.

What is customary food for Seminole Indian community meal?

Rice, Roties, dal and vegi curries and sweets

What are some Indian foods?

Pakoras, bhajis, curries*.ect. *Korma, madras and bhuna.

What foods ar traditional for England?

Traditional foods are roast beef, fish and chips, jellied eels. However, in practice British people are more likely to eat burgers, pizzas, curries.

Can you use olive oil for your daily Indian vegetable curries?

Yes you can. It tastes the same even with olive oil. :)

What is creamed coconut used for?

It is added to Indian, south east Asian and Caribbean recipes to enrich curries and sauces.

What are some traditional foods eaten in UK?

Traditionally fish and chips, but burgers, pizzas and curries are probably more common now.

What kind of food is the Indian cuisine?

Hi , Indian food is all about spice, tastes, variety and region influenced style. A traditional meal in india consists of bread (roti), vegetables (dry), curry (gravy), rice, pickles, papad and yogurt (plain / buttermilk form but optional). From the flavorful and rich north indian food to the costal coconut milk blended curries in the south, Indian food is blend of flavors. Reference: mehfilcuisine, Ottawa

Is Indian Curry an English invention?

Not all curries are an English invention, but some of them are. The Balti, for example is an curry invented by the English.

What are some hot and spicy Indian foods?

Indian foods contain many spices. Some spicy Indian foods include curries (of various types), gujarat, karnataka, maharashtra, manipur, tamil nadu, and mizoram.

What is john howards former prime minister favourite food?

Indian curries, but not too spicy. (Taken from archive of his former website)

Do you have recipes with turmeric in them?

Most of the Indian recipes has turmeric as one of the main ingredient. All curries have 1-2 tsp of turmeric in them as it very good antiseptic. If you are really interseted in making curries using turmeric, Try the recipes in releted linkbelow.

What is the traditional food in Cameroon?

Goats meat and fish, curries, peppery soups, corn, millet and peanuts, oranges, bananas, pineapple, coconuts, grapefruit and limes

What are traditional Indian food?

Traditional Indian food is that that is traditional and native to the country of India. You can find more recipes and information at the following site: