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What transmission is in a 92 Chevy Blazer automatic?


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That would be the 4L60E

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4l60e i got a 92 chevy blazer with the w engine it came with a 700 R

plug all wires together.

yes but you would have to replace drive shafts. The 4x4 shaft is shorter due to the transfer case.

ATF will work. (automatic Transmission Fluid)

If the Blazer is gasoline powered the antifreeze can be any kind that is for sale for gasoline powered vehicles.

If you have an automatic with overdrive then there is a good possibility that it is the 700R4 transmission.

Well, if it's a Chevy truck, usually a 700R4 will be the type of transmission put in a 1992. Or a 4L60E. - Aaron

It can mount, but it won't work - the 99 would have had an electronically controlled 4L60E transmission, whereas the 92 had a mechanical transmission.

If it is an automatic transmission, plug is on pan, 17mm bolt on left side of pan.

should be a 700r4 dont quote me on that though

I need a 95 Mustang Gt Automactic what is a match for this and also the right price Thank You

My Haynes repair manual for the Ford Explorer ( 1991 thru 1995 ) shows MERCON automatic transmission fluid in the automatic transmission

92-99 Toyota Camry with the 5SFE 4 cylinder engine uses Dexron III ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) for the automatic transmission.

I have a 90-91 Chevy S-10 Blazer, 4dr., 2x4, 4.3ltr. engine. It needs some body parts replaced. I came across a wrecked 92 Chevy S-10 Blazer, 2dr., 4x4, no engine, in a salvage yard. I need to know if the front grill (inc. the headlight mounts), the rt. front fender, lt. & rt. drs., gas tank, from this salvage rig will fir my Blazer.

No. You need a '98 - '02 tranny from the SAME engine type. SOHC and DOHC trannys do NOT mix

The first generation Ford Explorers were available either with a four speed automatic transmission or a five speed manual transmission. The manual transmission option was the M50D-R1, and the automatic was the A4LD.

No it will not. The center shaft that run's through the inside of a 2 wheel drive trans. is shorter the the center shaft that's in a 4-wheel drive trans. The 4-wheel drive transmission center shaft is longer so it will fit into the transfur case.

A Chevy truck 92 was the change over year from a 700r4 to the 4L60E

yes you can Most gm parts will enter change as long as the motor's match and the body style's are close The 91 (assuming it is an AUTOMATIC transmission) has a 700R4 + the 92 has a 4L60 trans ( most of the time ) the 4L60 is computer controlled + the truck will have a code if you put a 700R4 + you will need to get a kick down cable bracket + adapter for the throttle body.

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