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What transmissionis available in the 2010 mustang shelby 500 cobra?


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The Tremec Tr - 6060 , 6 speed manual transmission

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The web address of the Telstar Mustang-Shelby-Cobra Restorations And Museum is:

The phone number of the Telstar Mustang-Shelby-Cobra Restorations And Museum is: 605-996-6550.

It's a 2009 Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra.

Yes, there is a Ford Mustang Cobra and a Ford Shelby Cobra also known as an AC Cobra.

From the US the shelby mustang was invented by carrol shelby in 1967. Shelby had built the ac cobra and its variants before building the mustang. shelby made mustangs from 1967-1969 and then started again in 2007.

The address of the Telstar Mustang-Shelby-Cobra Restorations And Museum is: 1330 S Kimball St, Mitchell, SD 57301

A Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Jet comes standard with cobra rims. It's Ford's high performance version of the common mustang. Although the Shelby GT500 wears the Cobra badge, it's not truly a Cobra, in the sense it licensed by Shelby and has no mention of the Cobra in its name.

GT stands for Grand Touring on the FordGrand Touring I don't think the question was about GT. It was about the Cobra.The Cobra is based upon the 1960's-era AC Cobra, a predecessor to the Mustang Cobra. Carroll Shelby, who designed the first AC Cobras later moved his "Cobra" name to Shelby Mustangs in 1968-1969 after the AC Cobras ended production.In 1993, Mustang Cobras returned named after the Cobra badging Carroll Shelby had used in the past.

Carroll Shelby (1923-2012) was known as an automotive designer. He created the Ford racing car lines known as the "Shelby Mustang" and "Shelby Cobra."

The base price on the 2007 Shelby GT500 was 40,930

The base price on the 2007 Shelby GT500 was 40,930

The Shelby AC Cobra 289 cost approximately $6000 USD in 1965. The 427 model was around $8000. The GT350 Shelby Mustang Cobra cost $4500.

The Cobra jet Mustangs were the brain Child of Mr Carol Shelby. The Cobra Jet engines that powered them were a development of Ford.

The Car Kitt was a Ford (Model) Mustang Shelby Cobra

I assume you mean the Ford automobile the first ( Ponycar) it was developed from various show cars ( then called Dream Cars) by the Ford Motor Company. Carroll Shelby, former racing driver ( won LeMans in l956 so is said) made a modified Shelby Cobra mustang which was essentially a hot-rod Mustang,but he did not (invent) or design the parent Mustang auto, He did design the Cobra, and numerous variatins such as the King Cobra ( rear engined, racing), Cobra on Daytona coupe, etc.

If you upgrade the supercharger yes it is for about half the money.

For the most part a Shelby Mustang is a mustang that is produced by Ford with special upgrades done to the car straight from the showroom. There have been multiple years of Mustang Cobras, and typically they have minor to extreme engine work over the regular GT Mustangs. Depending on the specific model some have different suspension, weight reductions, paint. There are also the Cobra R Mustangs and the Cobra-jet Mustangs, these are not road legal and are considered to be full on race cars.

No,it is 40 kms more speed. yes it is, with modifications to almost every part of the car.

The Cobra name is owned by Ford Motor Company. The man who created the Ford/Shelby AC Cobra was Carroll Shelby. It is most often called a Shelby Cobra. The Shelby Cobra was based on a British Sports car called the AC Ace. Carroll Shelby first approached Chevrolet to provide a V8 for the little British Sports car. They refused as they did not want a car to compete with the Corvette. He then went to Ford and they agreed to provide a 260 V8. Later on a 289, then 390, and 427 were installed. This car is not to be confused with the Ford Mustang Cobra.

The Shelby logo is a Cobra.

I believe that is electronically limited to 155 miles per hour

Irene "Rally" Vincent drives a Shelby Cobra Mustang (GT500) .

The top speed of the 2010 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 is 155 mph. The GT500 convertable can go from 155-157 mph.

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