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Q: What tree has cotton candy shape flower?
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What is Puerto Ricos country flower?

Tree-silk cotton tree Flower-Puerto Rico hibiscus

What is Thailand's native fauna and flora?

Plants: cotton tree, lead tree, sacred lotus, spider flower Animals: leopardcat,

What is the difference between a flower and a tree?

A flower is a flower. A tree is a tree. There different in spelling and the number of letters.

What type of candy is on a candy tree?

All candy

What is the cotton symbol of quality?

itis a tree with cotton on it and has lins near by the tree it repersents austrailan cotton

When was Cotton Tree Lodge created?

Cotton Tree Lodge was created in 2007.

What is Louisianas flower?

Louisiana's flower is the Magnolia. It has a tree it is called the magnolia tree. The flower is white.

How do you collect cotton of the cotton tree?

You pick it.

What is ohio's state flower and tree?

the flower is the carnation and the tree is the buckeye

What tree does not have a flower?

pine tree

Where is cotton commonly found?

Cotton is commonly found in the cotton tree.

Is the banana flower tree the second biggest tree?

Yes, the banana flower is the second biggest tree.

What is the cotton tree used for?

To make clothes with cotton??

Is a tree a flower?


What is the scientific name for cotton tree?

the scientific name for cotton seed tree is Cochlospermum vitifoliun.

When was Whispers from the Cotton Tree Root created?

Whispers from the Cotton Tree Root was created in 2000.

What is the state flower and tree of Vermont?

flower=red clover tree=sugar maple

Is a cactus a plant tree or a flower?

a tree

What does a dogwood tree look like?

A dogwood tree has a bloom, which is a flower with four petals. The bark on the tree looks like scales and can be pulled off easily. The leaves are in almost a tear drop shape.

If you put cotton under ground will it grow a cotton tree?

no you need cotton seeds. it will not grow a tree only a small bush in a field

What is the name of the tree that cotton grows on?

The name of the tree cotton grows on is gossypium hirsitum and gossypium barbadence.

How many pages does Whispers from the Cotton Tree Root have?

Whispers from the Cotton Tree Root has 318 pages.

What is the shape of neem tree?

it is tall tree with a beautiful shape

What plant flower can you eat?

flower from banana tree

What are the national flower and tree of Japan?

well the flower is a chrysanthemum and the tree think it's a cherry blossom tree.