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In many places Jews were first sent into a small section of their towns, the Jewish areas were blocked off, allowing very little food in or anything else. After being starved and herded like cattle, they were promised that if they moved they would be able to go to a place where they would receive proper attention. They were then herded into trains where there was no food or water and many were starved.

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What camps were used by the Nazis?

Concentration camps.

How did the Nazis find commandants for the concentration camps?

They were chosen from within the SS staff at concentration camps.

How many Nazis are there in the concentration camps?


Who sent the Jews to concentration camps?

The Nazis.

How many concentration death and work camps did the Nazis have?

According to research reports, Nazis actually set up 20 000 concentration camps.

What were German concentration camps?

German concentration camps were where Jews and other people went when they were caught by the Nazis

When did the concentration camps start and end?

The Nazi concentration camps started days after the Nazis were elected into office in 1933. They ended when the Nazis were removed from power in 1945.

Why did the Nazis send homosexuals to concentration camps?

The Nazis had all the usual prejudices ...

Which were facilities built by the Nazis to imprision Jews?

Concentration camps, Extermination camps and Death camps

What country did not have concentration camps?

All the countries which were not invaded by the Nazis including Britain didn't have any Concentration Camps.

Who did the Nazis kill in concentration camps?

jews bro

Did Nazis ever die in concentration camps?


Did nazis use electric chairs in concentration camps?


What was the original purpose of the Nazi concentration camps?

Originally, the Nazi concentration camps were used mainly for political oponents of the Nazis.

Did Nazis die when concentration camps were destroyed?

not as a direct consequence

Where did the Nazis get permission to put people in Concentration Camps?

=From Hitler.=

To where did the Nazis deport the Jews?

Concentration camps, mostly in Poland.

What did the Nazis at concentration camps do as the allies closed in on Germany?

they left.

What happened to the nazis operating the concentration camps?

they flee or died

When did the Nazis start sending Jews to concentration camps?


When did the Nazis start taking the Jews to concentration camps?


Where were Jewish refugees sent before concentration camps?

Before the Jews were in the concentration camp, the Nazis built a wall around their neighborhood called a ghetto. After this, the Nazis deported Jews to the camps.

What did the Nazis use to take people away to Concentration Camps?

volkswagen ____________ They were usually taken to concentration camps and extermination camps by rail in enclosed cattle trucks.

What were the concentration camps known for?

Concentration Camps Were Widely Known For Exterminating Jewish Kind And Prisoners of War. Used in WWII By Nazis.

When did the Nazis wake the Jews up at concentration camps?

The Nazis would wake them up at dawn.

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