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the entry of US troops.

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Who was president during the Great Depression war and world war 2?

FDR, was the president during the great depression and world war 2. If it wasn't for him this country would have ended along time ago, and he turned it around.

What turned World War 2 from a disagreement to a war?

Nothing ´cause there is only 2 wars in all the World.

Was the A-10 Thunderbolt in World War 2?

No it wasn't. Boy if it had been it could have turned the war around almost immediately compared to the aircraft of that time. The A10 was first used in the Gulf war.

What was Benito Mussolini's accomplishments during the world war 2?

benito mussolini's accomplishmnts during world war two were that he turned the whole war around. thats one of them. i don't know the rest sorry. (you are f*cking st*pid)

What turned a disagreement into a war in World War 1?

The Serbian assassination of the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand.

Was Adolf Hitler the only reason world war 2 stared?

No. It is likely the USA would have gone to war with Japan but it may not have turned into a world war.

Was World War 2 the war to end all wars?

World War 1 not WW2. Its interesting that WW2 has turned out to be the last global conventional war thank God!

What started World War 1 and why did it turn into a world war?

The assassination of the duke, Franz Ferdinand started it. It turned into a world war because everyone was pointing fingers at each other

What turned World War 2 into a war?

Germany's invasion of Poland and was tring to get other peoples land

How did D Day Normandy affect World War 2?

It turned the tide of war in Allied favour

Germany forces were turned back for the first time in World War II at?

The Germany forces were turned back for the first time in World War 2. This was located at the turning point of Russia.

How did the First World War lead to World War 2?

the zombies from the blackops got out of the game and turned on them,so team delta went out with fire

Why was World War 2 known as a world war?

because it envolved different nations from around the world hence the name world war.

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