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well, almost all turtles are freshwater except a sea turtle.

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Do snapping turtles live in fresh or salt water?

Snapping turtles live in fresh water

What type of water can turtles go in?

fresh water turtles go in fresh water and salt water turtles go in salt water other than that turtles can go in anywater except salt

What is the difference between sea turtles and other turtles?

One lives in salt water and the other in fresh water. Keep in mind there are many types of Sea Turtles and fresh water Turtles.

Are there fesh water snapping turtles?

All snapping turtles are fresh water.

What do fresh water baby turtles eat?

what do freshwater turtles eat

Where do fresh water turtles sleep?

in ponds and other fresh water places Glenn

Do loggerhead turtles need fresh water?

No, loggerhead turtles do not need fresh water. They have a specialized tear gland that excretes sodium and potassium. Thus, they are able to 'create' their own fresh water.

What is the shape of turtles?

fresh water, salt water, and land

Can sea turtles live in a fresh water fish tank?

...........how can a fish tank have fresh water?????

What type of ecosystems do turtles live in?

Marine turtles and fresh water turtles live in an aquatic environment.

What are the diffrent types of turtles?

sea turtles snapping turtles fresh water turtles ect answered by wolf wolf

What water do musk turtles have to swim in?

Fresh water with little to no chlorination.

Is this true turtles only live in the sea?

No. Turtles live in the ocean, in fresh water, or on land.

What kind of water do box turtles live in?

Box turtles are terrestrial animals. They will occasionally take a dip in FRESH WATER.

Do freshwater turtles eat fish?

Yes snapping turtles eat fish.

What are some tertiary consumers in the fresh water?

Some tertiary consumers in fresh water may include fresh water alligators, snapping turtles, and large fish.

What do fresh water turtles look like?

they look like original turtles with fins on the back and front.

Can you add salt to a red eared slider turtle tank?

no RES turtles are fresh water turtles

What do you feed young turtles?

You feed freshwater turtles crickets, lettuce,and fresh water turtle food for young turtles. I'm feeding my turtles crickets!!!!!!

Do turtles need warm water to survive?

It depends of the species of turtle. Tropical turtles require warm water, but sea turtles and those found in in fresh water in more temperate areas can live in cool water.

Can red ear slider turtles live in fresh water?

Yes..They are freshwater turtles, occurring in lakes, streams, marshes.

Where do red bellied turtles sleep?

red bellied turtles sleep on the moist hard rocky shore of fresh water

What non mammals live in fresh water?

a bull shark can a frog certain snakes can. Certain sharks, and most amphibians can live in fresh water. Most turtles also live in fresh water

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