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The only color that makes white is white. You can lighten a color by adding white and or other light colors.

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What 2 colors make wite?

No two colours make white and white is not a colour.

What two colours make lilac?

Purple and white.

Which two colours make pink?

Red and white.

Which two colours make white?

None. White lacks all color.

What two colours make light grey?

white and black

Which two colours give pink?

Two colors that make pink is white and red.

What two colores mack withe?

"White" is effectively all the colours of the spectrum. There are no solid colours that can be mixed to make it.

What two colours mixed make white?

White is the lightest color. You cannot produce it from two others because they are all darker.

What is complementary colors?

Two colours are complementary if lights of those colours add to make pure white light. Complementary colours are not the same as complementary pigments (or paints).

How do you see black and white?

BlackAll of the colours that make the white light shine down on the black object and all of the colours that make the white light the light absorbs into the object and no light reflects.WhiteAll of the colours that make the white light shine down on the white object and the light and no light is absorbed into the object but all of the colours that make the white light are reflected into your eyes

How many colours make Nigeria flag?

Three colours Two colors, white and green. The Nigerian flag has green on both the right and left hand sides and a white middle.

What colours do you mix together to make white?

White and white. You can't mix colors to make white.

What do you use to make color?

Any two or more paint colours, the main colours that you will need in you pallette are red, blue, yellow and black and white.

What colours make gold?

yellow and white

How many colours make white?


What colours make you look fat?


What colours make gray?

blank and white

What colors mix to white?

no colours mix together to make white

What two colours mixed together make pink?

Red and white make pink,red+white=PINK

How many colors make a white light?

All the colours of the rainbow make a White light

What two colours are on the Japanese flag?

Red and white

What are two colors that represent Japan?

Japan's national colours are the same as the two colours of the Japanese flag - red and white.

What 2 colours make pink?

Red and white

What does the colours red and white make?

a tint of or pink

What colours mixed make red?

pink and white