What two countries did you drop two atomic bombs on?

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Nuclear weapons have only been used in combat on Japan.
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Why were the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan?

Answer . The simpelest answer is that the US had two bombs available at that time in history and was seeking the fastest way to end WW2 without invading Japan and risk

Were there only two Atomic bombs dropped?

Not only 2 nuclear bombs havebeen dropped. Lots have been dropped to test the effect. However, only 2 has been dropped in war. They were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasak

What two atomic bombs were dropped in japan?

A MK-I uranium gun bomb, codenamed Little Boy . A MK-III plutonium implosion bomb, codenamed Fat Man 21 more implosion bombs were scheduled for production and delivery in
In Japan

Where were two atomic bombs dropped in japan?

The 2 atomic bombs which were dropped onto Japan on 1945 was calledFat Man and Little Boy. Little Boy was dropped on Nagasaki and FatMan was dropped on Hiroshima.