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Islam spread north at first and then spread east and west.

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Islam was the religion that spread from the Arabian Peninsula to Africa.

It first spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

After the death of Muhammad, Islam spread all the way to the northern Arabian Peninsula.

The Arabian Peninsula was located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia, which provided opportunities for the expansion of Islam both by conquest and by trade.

The Arabian peninsula.

By and large, Islam is the predominant religion on the Arabian peninsula.

The Arabian peninsula, in Mecca.

Islam began and rooted itself in the Arabian Peninsula.

In the Arabian Peninsula to the South West of Asia.

on the period of MOHAMAD, in the Arabian Peninsula

Arabian Peninsula (Asia)

Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia)

People of Arabian Peninsula were not monotheist before the emergence of Islam. They were worshiping idols as partners to Allah (or God in English).

The Arabian Peninsula which is Saudi Arabia now

Not only in the Arabian peninsula but also in the whole world most Muslims are Sunni.

A map that shows where Islam began would show the cities of Medina and Mecca on the Arabian Peninsula. It spread rapidly from there for the next few hundred years.

Islam first spread along TRADE ROUTES since merchants could often bring the religion to places too far away to effectively conquer.

Middle East & Arabian Peninsula

Islam originally began in the Arabian Peninsula, then by trading and traveling and the big Islamic empires spread all over southeast Asia, Africa, some parts or Europe and etc..

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