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What two forces dominated the lives of most people during the Middle Ages?


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The Catholic church was the primary force in the middle ages and the other force was the need to stay alive which became a feudal society.

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In Europe during the Middle Ages, Christianity was the only organized religion, which was Catholicism. During the Middle Ages, Catholicism dominated all lives of all people from birth through death. Catholicism gave the rules and regulations for life for all people, no matter if they were peasants, serfs, nobles or Kings.

In the Middle Ages, most economic systems were dominated by agriculture, and most people worked on farms or manorial estates.

During the Middle Ages, most people were farmers.

Passover is not a time of fasting, so Jewish people can eat during the middle of the day during Passover.

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There are quite a few things that people during the middle ages would eat at a wedding. Meats of all kinds are included.

People that were rich during the Middle Ages did not work. People in the Middle Ages that were rich got their money by taxing other people.

During the Middle Ages, most people were farmers.

During the 20th century Aborigines had their rights and freedom taken away and were discriminated, and dominated.

during the middle ages, people took a religious view that society expressed god's will.

No. There were people in the Middle Ages who did not prosper. In fact there were people who did not prosper in every age in history.

Because religion was so important during the Middle Ages, most people owned Bibles.

living conditions in Europe during the 1700's was miserable for many people.

The main thing that united people during the middle ages was their culture, government and wars. These were the factors that made the people of a particular community to stay united through the years.

the Roman Empire and the Middle ages were run by priests who wore long black capes.

In the Middle Ages Christianity was the foundational religion of Europe. The Jewish people were viewed differently by Christian people.

In the middle ages, depending on where they lived, people drank wine, beer, ale, mead, and some people even drank water.

The People in the south who helped the north during the war were called SCALAWAGS

people don't listen to these people they lie about this stuff

The church had the most power in the middle ages because it was the one thing that united people.

Many thousands of people died from disastrous circumstances during the Middle Ages. During 1347 to 1352, an estimated 25 million people died of the Black Death, also called the Bubonic Plague. Jewish people were persecuted, which also resulted in thousands of deaths.

They hunted and gathered. The women did everything.

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