What two groups was it between at the Boston massacred?

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the two groups were the british soliders underneath captain preston thomas's command and the american citizens of boston
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What was the Boston Massacre?

The Boston Massacre, also known as the Incident on King Street, wasa street fight that occurred on March 5, 1770, between a "patriot"mob, throwing snowballs, stones, and sticks, and a squad of Britishsoldiers. Several colonists were killed and this led to a campaignby speech-writers to rouse the ire ( Full Answer )

What was the Boston Massacre about?

it actually wasent a massecare there was only 5 people killed. some of the colonist got mad with all the taxing so they started to throw snowballs with hard stuff inside. then the british soldirs got mad and shot them only 5 were killed.

Where was the Boston Massacre?

The Boston Massacre (called Boston Riot by the British) occurred in Boston. The Boston Massacre occurred on March 5, 1770 resulting in the death of 5 people and 6 others injured.

Why did they have the Boston massacre?

they had the Boston massacre because the people who live in Boston were bothering them the soldiers so one day the soldiers retaliated and killed people

Who was the Boston massacre fought between?

The Bostonn Massacre was fought between minutemen (citizens of the American colonies who vlouteered to be ready for battle in "minutes") and British soldiers on patrol duty.

What were Boston massacre and the Boston Tea Party?

Both were Colonial American Acts against the british that lead up to The American Revolution.. The Boston Massacre occured when a group of colonials were taunting and throwing rocks at a group of british soldiers in boston. The colonials present were drunk, and one of them walked up to a soldier an ( Full Answer )

Was the Boston massacre really a massacre?

The Boston Massacre was not really a massacre. It was a riot turned out of control. Less than 10 British soldiers who were trying to uphold the law were surrounded by a mob of angry colonists who were taunting them and throwing things at them. They were surrounded and a shot was fired. Who fired the ( Full Answer )

Did the Boston massacre happen in Boston?

Yes. On March 5, 1770 a Captain Preston led a group of soldiers to the aid of a lone sentry facing a hostile crowd of beligerent colonists outside the Custom House. It is not known exactly what transpired but there was a melee during which shots were fired by the British; leaving several colonists w ( Full Answer )

Why was the Boston Massacre called a massacre?

The Boston massacre was when the colonist were calling the red coats lobster backs and the Commander there said do not fire their guns but the did not hear it right so there was a killing of 5 people that day. That is why it is called the Boston massacre. Three civilians were shot and killed and a d ( Full Answer )

Were in Boston did the Boston massacre occur?

It began on State Street (known as King Street back then) in theevening of March 5, 1770 and ended in front of what is now thebalcony at the Old State House, but was then a narrow alley. Thesite is marked by a group of radiating cobblestone circles with acentral star and is a stop on the Freedom Tra ( Full Answer )

Who was the Boston engraver who depicted the Boston massacre?

Paul Revere, a prominent member of the "Sons of Liberty," a group of Patriots who wanted to break free of Britain's rule.. His engraving was considered to be propaganda, as the Boston Massacre was a brawl rather than an organized shooting as the engraving depicted. You can find a copy of the engrav ( Full Answer )

What is the the Boston massacre?

The Boston Massacre is steeped in myth and much of what we think we know is not true. For one thing it wasn't the first violent event and only 5 people died. It was started by a group of drunken colonist roaming the city looking for trouble. About 9 PM they found it and decided to throw rocks and sn ( Full Answer )

What the was the Boston massacre?

The Boston Massacre was when soldiers that were ordered not to fire shot and killed five colonists when one of the soldiers got hit with a snowball by a Bostonian.

When is the Boston massacre?

The Boston Massacre was when soldiers that were ordered not to fire shot and killed 5 colonists when a soldier was hit with a snowball by a Bostonian.

What was the Boston massacrer?

Answer: Tensions began to mount within the city of Boston in the spring of 1770, for there were rumors that British soldiers were going to take over the town, and govern the city by military rule. On March 5, 1770, some boys began hurling snowballs and stones at a small group of soldiers. Bell ( Full Answer )

Why was the Boston Massacre a massacre?

Well technically it wasnt a massacre, but it was because the British troops fired and killed 5 colonists. If you look at the picture of the Boston Massacre Paul Revere drew it is propaganda, but is what a massacre looks like.

Was the Boston massacre a real massacre?

No!!! Only 5 people died. It was the American's fault. We were causing a fight and the British troops thought they heard fire and shot into the crowd. But, it was definitely NOT a massacre.

Did the British leave Boston after the Boston Massacre?

No. The Boston Massacre occurred on 5 March 1770. The British did not leave Boston until 17 March 1776, following the Battles of Lexington and Concord and the Battle of Bunker Hill, among other actions, and an 11-month siege of the city by the Continental Army and local militias.

Why the Boston massacre started?

The Boston Massacre started, because civilian men were shouting and throwing snowballs at the British troops.

John Adams and the Boston Massacre?

John Adams believed that the rule of law should be paramount and that the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre deserved a fair trial. Adams successfully defended Captain Preston.

What was the Boston Massacre and how did it start?

the Boston massacurre started when some colonists threw rocks atBritish soldiers in Boston. The massacre was when the soldiersfired into the taunting crowd killing 5 and wounding 6 more.

Who was wounded or killed in the Boston massacre?

Eleven people were hit during the Boston Massacre. Ropemaker Samuel Gray, mariner James Caldwell, and a mixed race sailor named Crispus Attucks were killed instantly. Seventeen-year-old Samuel Maverick, died in the early morning of the next day, whilst thirty-year-old Irish immigrant Patrick Carr di ( Full Answer )

Was the Boston massacre an accident?

More or less. It wasn't a planned event as some parts of the fable tell. The smugglers of Dutch tea decided to dump the tea because the tea tax would LOWER the cost of the British tea.

Who was general in Boston Massacre?

The Boston massacre was not a battle or a war. It was a street fight between British troops and future Americans. There are two interpertations of the massacre, one is the British side which said that the future US citizens had attacked, the other is the American side which says that the British tro ( Full Answer )

How did the people of Boston feel about the Boston Massacre?

The Boston Massacre was remembered as the first shot. a war was about ot start and then a firering shot not from the war but from somewere in Boston had fired and they had thought that was the shot to sttart the war. 5 people layed dead in the british hands all because of the mistaken "first shot"!

Why was the Boston Massacre named the Boston Massacre?

The Boston massacre was caused by the British when the riot was so loud that the British couldn't hear his allies so when the British fired a shot, the leader yelled "HOLD YOUR FIRE" And when the troops couldn't hear, one of them heard one word only and that was "fire". As he fired the rest of them ( Full Answer )

Why did the Boston Massacre take place in Boston?

The Boston Massacre involving 6 deaths took place in Boston because the North Eastern part of the United States wrote the text books and was able to dominate the school book publishing market for years. As a result you do not read about the thousands of deaths in Georgia, North Carolina, and Virgini ( Full Answer )

Why were soldiers in Boston during the Boston massacre?

The soldiers were in Boston because of the Quartering Act which states that British soldiers will stay in colonists house. The colonists must give the soldiers food, clothes, materials, a bed, a room, and other things. This enraged the colonists. The soldiers would give in return protection from oth ( Full Answer )

Why was the Boston massacre called a 'massacre'?

It was propaganda. Paul Revere engraved the picture with the British soldiers firing on the innocent crowd to revive anti-British feelings. His efforts were not successful. Most Bostonians blamed the incident on the mob that harassed the soldiers, which is why all of the soldiers involved except two ( Full Answer )

Why is the Boston massacrecalled the Boston massacre?

The Boston Massacre was called the Boston Massacre, to be used as a tool of rhetoric. It was by no means a massacre, seeing as only five people were killed. It was a way for patriots like Paul Revere to uprise the spirits of the people and turn them against the British.

Why Boston massacre was not a massacre?

The Boston massacre wasn't a massacre because a massacre is when Innocent people die. But this happened because around 400 people were throwing snowballs and chunks of ice at some soldiers. basically, the soldiers got mad and shot into the mob. It got it's name because people then hated the British ( Full Answer )

What was he Boston massacre?

The Boston Massacre happened in the 1700's, when we were at war with Great Britain. Anyways what happen was a redcoat (British Solder) accidentally shot his gun and everyone thought an American shot his gun and everyone killed everyone, 5 people were killed including 1 black man named Christopher. H ( Full Answer )

What Boston massacre was a?

The Boston Massacre was a street fight between American patriotsand British soldiers. It happened on March 5, 1770.