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Q: What two letters were missing from the old telephone dials?
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Why were the Q qnd Z the two letters missing from the old telephones?

Telephone numbers were once assigned letters to make them easier to remember. The letters represented the area the number was assigned to. For example SYcamore 4 or PEnnsylvania 6. The letters Q and Z were not included because they were the least common letters to be used.

Why are there letters on old phones?

Because telephone numbers used to be given with letters, normally three letters and then numbers. The letters spelled an abbreviation for the Exchange name.

What are the release dates for Old Dials for New - 1920?

Old Dials for New - 1920 was released on: USA: April 1920

What actors and actresses appeared in Old Dials for New - 1920?

The cast of Old Dials for New - 1920 includes: Florence Turner

What is old telephone and modern telephone?

they are telephones....

How old is the first telephone?

The first telephone was created in 1861 by Phillip Reis. That means the first telephone is 148 years old.

Are telephone directors still usable after a large amount of time has passed?

Yes, you could still use an old telephone directory but it would be out of date after six years. A good number of listings will no longer work and you may be missing lots of new entries.

What is POTS regarding telephone service?

Plain old Telephone Service

Why was q and z missing on old phones?

Phones from as early as the 1930s do have all of the letters: Q was on the 7 with PRS and Z was on the 9 with WXY. These letters were used in some of the trunk prefixes in the US that were abbreviated as two letters in front of the line number (e.g. Quincy: QU-3456, Beachwood4: BE4-5789). On some, there was no room for them on the dial pad and they are the two least used letters of the alphabet. And there was no texting with old phones.

How old was Bell when he made the telephone?

About 28 years old.

Where can you find old Chicago telephone books?

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What is transmitter capsule on telephone?

A transmitter capsule on a telephone is a part of the headset. It is typically only a part of a telephone, however, on old rotary phones.

How old was A Bell when he invented the telephone?


How do you use a old telephone?

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How old are most office telephone systems?

"Most office telephone systems are more than one year old. The life of the office telephone system depends on the durability of the system, the abuse it is put through, and its usage."

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Where can an old telephone be purchased?

The best web site offering old or antique telephones would be The Old Telephone. They have a variety of styles such as the Eiffel Tower, the Candlestick, the Swiss Wall and plenty more.

What two letters don't appear on a telephone dial?

Old rotary phones and push-button phones older than 20 years had no Q or Z. As of the 1990's, ALL letters of the English alphabet appear on a phone, including Q and Z. (Prior to the 1990's, the numbers 1 and 0 did not have letters associated with them)

Is there gold in old telephone?

That kind of information is privileged.

How did the telephone look like?

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What is POTS line?

Plain Old Telephone Service

What are the advantages of the old telephone?

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