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they kiss their azzuto

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When might citizens be particularly concerned about an expansion of presidential power?

Citizens are particularly concerned about the expansion of presidential power when issues of foreign affairs arise. The fear of tyranny due to the amount of power presidents are provided on foreign issues is always concerning in the United States.

What wars contributed to the expansion of presidential power?

All of them

Who approves the presidents appointments?

The Senate has the power to approve presidential appointments. == ==

Why did presidents want to expand presidential power?

to act quickly when the country was in trouble

Why do you think the senate must give consent to presidential appointments?

To limit the presidents power

What is the best example of the expansion of US presidential power in foreign policy?

the Vietnam war

What is the primary source of the expansion of presidential power?

the president's ability to shape public opinion

How has the nature of presidential power changed since the ratification of the us constitution?

Guys its Presidential power has become less restricted over time.

How has the nature of presidential power changed since the ratification of the U.S. Constitution?

presidents have gradually assumed more power to deal with crises presidents have gained more power to act independently of congress

The change in the twentieth century that meant a substantial increase in presidential power was?

amending the constitution to grant presidents more war power.

Which of thewould be an example of a check of the presidents power?

Congress overriding a presidential veto with a 2/3 vote

The congress should have the power to pass a bill over the presidents veto?

Congress DOES have the power to pass a bill into law over a Presidential veto.

If the expansion of presidential power has occured because of political events and has been fostered by public opinoon under what circumstances might presidential power be limited?

The same circumstances could limit the power as well. The people just need to take back the power from those in charge.

What has the author Frank Kessler written?

Frank Kessler has written: 'The dilemmas of presidential leadership' -- subject(s): Presidents, Executive power

What has the author Raymond Tatalovich written?

Raymond Tatalovich has written: 'The presidency and political science' 'Presidential power in the United States' -- subject(s): Presidents, Executive power 'After Medicare'

How did Roosevelt's use of presidential and federal power differ from that of earlier presidents?

Because hes simply gay and has relations with George W Bush.(:

Who decides when the electoral college casts its vote for presidents?

Congress decides when the electoral college casts its vote for president because they have the power in the presidential election.

What is one way the legislature can check the power of the chief executive?

They can approve presidential nominations.They can override a Presidents veto.Impeach the President and remove him or her from office.

What presidential power is included in the power of pardon?

The power of pardon is a formal presidential power as the Chief Executive.

Restrictions on presidential power?

what are 5 restrictions for presidentail power and do they really limit on effecting presidential power>

What are four limits on presidential power?

There are four limits on Presidential powers. There is wartime limitations. The President is the Commander in Chief, but Congress does have a say in what happens. There is Veto limitations. There is limitations on Ambassador picks. The Senate can overrule the Presidents pick. There is also a limitation on the Presidential term that can be done through impeachment.

How does Congress affect the presidents abilities to grant pardons?

The President has the Constitutional power to grant pardons. Congress can not do much more than complain if they disagree with a Presidential pardon.

How have Presidents own views affected the power of the office?

Presidents own views affected the power of the office because the congress/constitution gives the presidents more power.

The power of the presidents to grant amnesty is am example of the presidents what?

The President has the constitutional power to grant pardons.

What is Mount Rushmore a symbol of?

Mount Rushmore is a symbol of American Presidential power and respect. Four of the most respected Presidents have their faces carved into the stone for all to see and remember them by.