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The Senate has the power to approve presidential appointments.

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Q: Who approves the presidents appointments?
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What is the senate check on appointments of federal judges?

The Senate has no check on the appointments of federal judges.

Who approves all governor appointments?

The person (or group) that approves all governor appointments is the Secretary of State.

Who approves the governor's appointments?


Who approves governor appointments?


Who in the US approves appointments to supreme court?


Who approves all Treaties and appointments by the President?


Who must approve the governors appointments?

the senate ~myla vance-In the United States,the congress is a bi-cameral legislature composed of the House of Senates which approves the presidential appointments and the House of Representatives which approves the governors appointments

Who approves appointments to federal court made by the president?


Does the Senate approve appointments?

yes the senate approves an appointment

What is the senates check on appointments on federal judges?

it approves their appointment

Which house of congress approves the appointments to the supreme court?

the Senate

Who has to the power to approve presidential appointments and ratify treaties?

The Legislative Branch can ratify treaties; The Senate approves Presidential Appointments