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The Northern Pacific and the Great Northern. :) hope I helped!

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Q: What two railroads eventually connected to Washington?
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What two cities do the Miami and the Erie Canal join?

The Miami and Erie Canal connected Cincinnati and Toledo. It was about 274 miles long. Eventually it was replaced by railroads.

What are 3 industries that contributed to the Washington railroad companies?

Identify two industries that benefited from the growth of railroads.

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What were the two major railroads at the time of traveling west?

The two major railroads during the Homestead Act were the Union Pacific Railroad and the Northern Pacific Railroad.

Where in Utah do two railroads meet?

Promantry Point, Utah.

How many railroads cross the Andes mountains in Argentina?


The two railroads joined in 1869 to form the first transcontinental railroad were the?

The two railroads the joined in 1869 to form the first transcontinental railroad were the Union Pacific Railroad and Central Pacific railroad.v

What took place when workers connected the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific?

On May 10, 1869, Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroad met at Promontory Summit, UT with 1,800 miles of new tracks laid.

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