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Q: What two things impact how much potential energy an object has?
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Gravitational potential energy depends on what 2 things?

Gravitational potential energy depends on the weight of the object and the height that the object is located at. Gravitational potential energy is the product of an objects weight and height.

What is an objects total kinetic and potential energy?

An objects total kinetic and potential energy is when both things are moving (kinetic) and the energy is stored in the object (potential)

What two things do you need to increase the kinetic energy of an object?

speed and potential energy

What are Kinetic and Potential energy?

Kinetic energy is the energy that make things move. They are known as the "Movement Energy". Potential energy is the energy stored in object, waiting to be used.

What two things give an object more potential energy?

Resting and relaxing.

Is radiant energy potential energy?

Radiant Energy is not potential energy. They are two different things. Radiant energy is another word to say light energy. Potential energy is when an object not moving. To be specific, an object sitting on a shelf collects kinetic energy so when you knock it over, it falls because of gravity.

When an object falls and touches ground the kinetic energy transforms to which energy?

Heat, sound and more kinetic energy as things are moved by the impact of the object.

What things use potential energy?

refrigirarors, tv and any object that doesnt move.

What two things change when an object is in motion?

I think it is the kinetic and potential energy but i am not sure

Is temperature a measure of potential energy?

No, the amount of energy depends on other things as well, like the mass of the object.

What two things determine the amount of gravitational potential energy an object has?

The mass of an object, and it's height above the ground

What things store potential energy?

Several things, depending on the type of potential energy. Gravitational potential energy: Any object that is above the chosen reference level (often the ground level) has positive potential energy. Anything below the chosen reference level has negative potential energy. Elastic potential energy: For example, a compressed spring. Chemical energy: For example, hydrogen and oxygen separately have a higher energy level than when they combine into water.

What two things do potential and kinetic energy need to gain more energy?

Well, basically, the higher an object is above the ground, the more potential energy it has. For kinetic energy, the amount of energy depends on the amount of force.

Does everything has potential energy?

No. Only things with stored energy has potential energy .

Which Object would have more potential energy-A bowling ball stored on a high shelf in a closet or a baseball on the same shelf?

The bowling ball has more potential energy, but, how many people measure potential energy by having things fall on their head

What energy is stored in bent things?

If the bent object will spring back to it's original shape when you let go of it, then the stored energy is known as elastic potential energy.

How does potential energy effect kintetic energy?

Think of an object falling from a cliff: Potential energy = mass x gravity x height. So a larger object falling from a higher cliff will start out with more potential energy. As it falls, it speeds up, converting its potential energy into kinetic energy. Kinetic energy = 1/2 x mass x velocity2. If it bounces, some of that KE is converted back into PE; otherwise it is lost as heat and sound (or in breaking things).

What three things does gravitational potential energy depend on?

Gravitational potential energy=mgh Where: -m=mass (not weight) of the object -g=gravity (or the rate at which an object will accelerate in free-fall) -h=height (usually in meters, but depends on what height units are in your "g" value)

What is the impact force of a falling object?

The impact force of a falling object depends on a few things. The impact force of a falling object depends on the weight and the height from which the object falls.

What is the two things of an objects energy of potential energy?


What two things affect potential energy?

the two things that affect potential energy is mass and speed just kidding

What type of energy do things contain?

"Things" can contain just about any type of energy, depending on the situation: kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy, electric potential energy, magnetic potential energy, elastic energy, nuclear energy, heat energy, etc.

Thermal energy is energy stored by things that stretch or compress?

Thermal energy is not the energy stored by things that stretch or compress. This type of energy applies to strain potential energy. Thermal energy refers to motion energy due to the random vibration of atoms or molecules within an object.

Gravitational potential energy is the energy an object possessesdue to its position related to earths surface?

Gravitational potential energy is: m*g*h m=mass g=acceloration due to gravity h=height in relation to zero level/energy because earth's surface (with rare exception) is zero level/energy, meaning that you cant make things fall further than the surface of earth; the potential energy of an object changes based on how much distance you put between the surface and the object, yes.

What makes potential energy important?

Among other things, the fact that it has the potential (possibility) to do work. Also, that you can store energy as potential energy.