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The Earth and Hades

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Q: What two world's did the Greek God's ruled?
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What two world did the Greek gods rule?

The king of them, Zeus, ruled Olympus and the other gods. All of the gods ruled Earth. So those were the two worlds they were in charge of.

What two Greek gods were twin brothers?

Castor and Pollux were twin Greek gods.

Why did the Romans used the Greek gods but changed their names?

The 'Roman Names' were worshiped and known to the Romans before the Greek; when the Greek people were conquered, their gods and goddesses were incorporated into the Roman gods and goddesses; so it is that it is near impossible to now tell the difference between the two. That, by the way, was a common practice of the Romans, adopting the gods and goddesses of the people they conquered/ruled.

Two characters in Greek mythology?

Zeus-King of the Greek gods Hera-Queen of the Greek gods and Zeus's wife

In Greek mythology who is the king of Argolis?

In Greek Mythology, Argolis was divided into two sections: Argos which was ruled by Acrisius and Tiryns which was ruled by Proëtus.

Why do many gods have two names?

Because the Romans 'stole' the main Greek gods and renamed them. e.g. Poseidon (Greek) = Neptune (Roman)

What two Greek gods are most different?

Zeus and hades

What two Greek gods believed in immortality?

All of them believed in it; they were immortal.

What did ancient Greeks believe about gods' involvement in the mortal world?

The Greeks believed that the gods created the world and held balens between the two worlds.

Which two gods were honored by olympic games?

zues,greek god and hera

Apollo's age when he died?

Two things: 1) Greek gods are immortal, Apollo never died. 2) Greek gods have no age. What you read in comic books or Percy Jackson is not true Greek myth.

Where did the greek titans live?

The Titans were the elder gods. They came before the lesser gods, which are the gods of mythology. Two of the most famous Titans were Atlas and Prometheus.

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