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United Airlines Flight 93 was a Boeing 757-200 series aircraft.

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Q: What type aircraft was United Airlines Flight 93?
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What type of plane was united airline flight 175 on 9-11?

United Airlines Flight 175 was a Boeing 767-223, The same aircraft as the first plane who hit the north tower of the WTC, which was American Airlines Flight 11.

How do you get Delta Airlines on Microsoft Flight Simulator X?

You cannot download Delta Airlines skins for all the aircraft. You have to download Delta Airlines skins for each aircraft individually. To find the skin for the aircraft you want, type "Flight Simulator X Delta Airlines", and the aircraft you want the skin for. Example: "Flight Simulator X Delta Airlines 737" or "Flight Simulator X Delta Airlines 747"

What type of airplane was United Flight 93?

United Airlines Flight 93 was a Boeing 757.

What type aircraft is BA 0992?

BA 0992 is not a type of aircraft but is the number of a british airlines scheduled flight from London, England to Berlin, Germany. BA currently uses an Airbus A320 for the flight.

How many digits are united airlines ticket numbers?

There are no one set number of digits on a United Airlines ticket. The number depends on the type of flight, type of plane, and route.

What type of planes hit the towers on September 11 2001?

American Airlines Flight 11 hit the North tower (WTC1) and United Airlines Flight 175 hit the South tower (WTC2).

What type of aircraft is used in indigo airlines?

indigo airlines uses only airbus a320 .

How many seats are in a row on an American Airlines flight?

This question cannot be answered the way it is written, because the number of seats in a single row depends on what type of aircraft you are flying (757, 777, MD80 etc.), and American Airlines has several different aircraft in their fleet.

What type of aircraft is the LH445 owned by lufthansa airlines?

Airbus a340 300

What Type of aircraft of indigo airlines?

Airbus-320-200, Airbus-320neo

Flight ba 0087 what type of aircraft?

747 jumbo

What type of aircraft is used for flight AF 0442?


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