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What type government is North Korea?

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North Korea is a Communist Dictatorship, run by one powerful and autocratic ruler. Currently, that person is Kim Jung Un. And while there are elections and there is nominally a government, the citizens have no choice but to vote for the approved candidates, and few in the government have any real authority, other than what the dictator arbitrarily gives them.

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A dictatorship

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What type of government officially exists in North Korea?

an independent government

What type of government is found in north korea?


What type of government did North Korea have in 1945?


What type of government is over North Korea?

For all intents and purposes, North Korea is a totalitarian monarchy.

What type of governments does North Korea and South Korea has?

South Korea, or the Republic of Korea, has a democratic government.North Korea, or Democratic People's Republic of Korea, ironically isn't a democratic state but it has a communist government.Hope this helps :)

What type of government does north Korea have today?

The Government North Korea has today is a Dictatorship. Kim Jong-Il rules the country with mighty power.

Is north Korea type of government unlimited or limited?


What type of government dose north Korea  have ?

Communist dictatorship

Who has a communist government North Korea or South Korea?

north Korea

Which country has a communist government north or south korea?

NORTH KOREA has the Communist government.

Does north korea have a government?

YES. North Korea has a very infamous and oppressive government.

What type of government did North Korea have during the Korean War?

North Korea has always had a communist government. More specifically, it has always had a communist government led by either Kim, Il-Sung, or one of his descendants.

What type of government does North Korea have and what is the North Korean leader's name?

Type of Government: DYNASTIC COMMUNIST STATECurrent Leader (as of 2016): KIM JONG-UN

What type of government does Vietnam North Korea and China have?

They're all communist countries.

North Korea is a country with a what form of government?

North Korea is a communist dictatorship.

What kinds government is curenently in Korea?

The kinds government currently in Korea are republic. This is the system of government that is found in both North Korea and South Korea.

Does north korea have a federal government?

NO. North Korea is a unitary state, not a federation. As a result, it has no federal government, but rather a single national government.

What is the Type of Government in North Korea?

North Korea is a one-party, socialist, and dictatorial state. The official political ideology of North Korea is called Juche, a combination of Marxist-Leninist principles and self-reliance/self-dependence.

What type of government does Vietnam still have today?

communist, as does Cuba, Laos, China, and North Korea

What was north Korea like during the Korean conflict type of government military ect?


Which part of Korea has a dictatorial government?

NORTH KOREA is a dictatorship.

Is North Korea a democratic government?

No, that's South Korea.

Has there been a different kind of government in north korea besides communist?

North Korea has consistently had the same communist government since independence in 1948. Prior to independence, North Korea had never had a communist government before.

Is North Korea a totalitarian system of government?

The short answer is yes. North Korea is a totalitarian state.

How is North Korea not a constitutional government?

North Korea lacks anything resembling a constitution that limits the authority of the government. Since it lacks such a document, it is not a constitutional government.