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What type of Government did Germany have during World War I?

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2007-05-15 23:22:58

Between 1871 and 1918 Germany had a strange form of government -

partly an absolute monarchy, partly a democracy. The powers of the

absolute monarchy were often not exercised by the monarch in

person, but by highly influential little cliques round him. In

World War 1 the top military in effect took over and barked out

orders at the civilian government. If the latter didn't do as

Hindenburg and Ludendorff ordered, they cried "Treason!" In October

1918, with defeat staring them in the face, the military ordered

the transformation of Germany into a parliamentary democracy, as

they hoped it would impress President Wilson and that they'd get

better terms that way. They also knew that the terms were likely to

be harsh and made sure that the armistice and the peace treaty were

signed by democratically elected civilians. Joncey

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