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What type of a guy do girls like?


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There is no single type. Different girls like different personality traits.

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All girls are different in personality. Some girls like guys that are on the shy side; other girls are looking for good looks in a guy first; other girls like a good personality in a guy and some girls like the bad boy image.

some guys do it depends on the type of guy

Sure! any type of girl can like an ugly guy. (he just has to shower often) :)

That completely depends upon what type of girl she is. Most girls like a guy who is not obnoxious

It depends on who the guy is! Maybe you should ask him.

Some guys like tough and goth girlsSome like smart and sensitive girlfor me i like a girls that is smart that can sing that is sensitive and a girls that are cute

Differs from guy to guy, however, most guys like nice girls.

Some girls like naughty guys, but some dont. many girls like a nice, sense of humor, and sweet to them type of guy.. Maybe a little bit of naughty in them

Every Guy is different. They could like Country girls or they could like Preppy Girls it just depends on the Guy.

Ok.Here's an advice for YOU.Never go after a guy,always let the guy come after you.Why? well first of all I'm a guy.And guys like "hard to get" type of girls,not "easy to get" girls.For one thing,the "easy to get" type of girls We eventually get tired of them very easily.Just trust me on this and don't try making a guy like you.Let him like you or want you willingly.

someone who gives good hugs :) lol and cares about the girl

Just like that! It realy is simple... girls like a genuinly honest guy

A girl wants a sweet guy. And ladys there are those type or men out there! Also a girl wants a guy who will treat her like she is the only girl in the world for him, like he cant do any better!!!!!!!!

Not necessarily. If you like guys and girls, you're bisexual.

It depends on what the girls intrests are in a guy or what kinda guy the girl is looking for.

Its all up to the type of guy, although most guys prefer hotter girls

it depends on the type of guy a kind and caring guy likes a girl who loves themselves and jerks who are not caring and kind like girls with eating disorders because their are thin

Every guy is different. But most guys i know don't like girls who act like guys. Only some people do: but they usually like girls who act like themselves.

really depends on the type of guy and what their type for girls is, every guy has different opinions of beauty

whats type of girls trey songs like?

uhm, most girls i know despise guy liner? strange huh.

some do and some dont. it's just depending on what type of guy he is.

Of course, any girl who doesn't like a guy because of his body type is no better than a guy who doesn't like a girl because of her body type. Alot of girls like skinny guys. :)

Yes, they like it when the guy has confidence.

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