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I imagine metal detectors are different. Mine uses two 9 volt batteries.

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2015-07-25 22:26:57
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Q: What type of batteries do you need for a metal detector?
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What type of battery does a metal detector use?

Most metal detectors use ordinary alkaline batteries, but newer ones may use other types of batteries. Check the owner's manual for the specific model of metal detector to determine the correct battery for it.

What metal can a metal detector not detect?

A metal detector can detect all types of metal....depending on in what type of soil it is in.

What metal can a metal detector detect?

A metal detector can detect all types of metal....depending on in what type of soil it is in.

What type of batteries does a aktivia CO2 detector use?

An Aktivia CO2 detector will need a nine volt battery. Batteries such as these can be purchased at a variety of stores including Amazon, Walmart and eBay alongside many more.

What type of metal are batteries made out of?

The plates of batteries are made out of lead (Pb)

Which is the best type of metal detector?

Minelab X-Terra 305

How do I tell what type of metal my metal detector is responding to?

Metal detectors are different and my main advice would be to look into the manual of the metal detector you purchased. Sometimes there are settings where you can configure your detector to only respond to certain metal characteristics. If you got a really basic metal detector one of the prime methods is to simply investigate by digging up the object in question.

Can copper be found with a metal detector?

Yes a metal detector can see all minerals found in the soil and can control the type of article that we want to look like gold and silver so as not to give the alert detector on these minerals

What type of metal detector will find platinum?

Discovery 1100 brand metal detector purchased at Mills Fleet Farm. I'm not an expert on metal detectors, but this detector helped me find my platinum wedding ring in a snow bank tonight. Perhaps there are other cheaper versions that will also do the job.

What type of batteries do Wii controllers need?

Wii remotes need two double A batteries to work.

What type of smoke detectors work best?

You need to make sure that any potential smoke detector is battery operated in case electricity service is interrupted.You also need to remember to change batteries on at least a yearly basis.

What is non coherent detector?

A non coherent detector is a type of device that does not need a receiver carrier to be phase locked to a transmitter carrier. A coherent detector demodulates signals.

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