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Funny ones always go over well and just a tip - keep them short as guys do not like to read long drawn out cards especially mushy ones.

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What should I get my boyfriend for his birthday if we have only dated for a week?

A card

What should you write in a birthday card you have made for your boyfriend?

Just say what you feel, just as if you were writing a birthday card to a friend.

What should I get my boyfriend for his birthday if I have no money?

Bake him a cake and make him a homemade card.

Should you send your ex-boyfriend a birthday card?

Ex-boyfriend and Birthday CardIn my opinion you should NOT. Once a person is your ex, all gifts and cards stop, and you get on with your life.In my opinion, this is entirely acceptable, as long as this is just a freind-to friend-thing.

What should you get your 14 turning 15 year old boyfriend for his birthday?

umm....a card, or movie tickets etc...

Your boyfriend broke up with you 3 days ago and his birthday is in two days should you give him a birthday card?

only, if you're still friends otherwise why does he deserve it?

Should you send a thank you card to send to someone who sends you a birthday card?

You do not need to send a thank you card for a birthday or holiday card; however, you should send that person a birthday card on HIS/HER next birthday. Holiday cards should be reciprocated as appropriate. Just thank them when you receive the gift or by phone

What should you say in a card for your boyfriend?

suck it !

Im not sure you should send your boyfriend a text on his birthday because you haven't spoken for 18 days?

If this is your boyfriend, you should have known well ahead of time when his birthday was and sent him a nice real card with some hand-written sentiment in it. As it is, I would question the status of your relationship in it's entirety .

What should you write in your girlfriends birthday card?

Happy birthday?

What should i say on my godson's birthday card?

happy birthday

What to write in your ex boyfriend birthday card?

Say what you want. Don't hold back.

What gift should i get my boyfriend?

A watch or a gift card

What to get your 13 year old boyfriend for his birthday?

A CD Tickets to a show Teck deck gift card But you should ask him! Thats what I do and then you get a general idea of what they want

What should you get your 12 year old boyfriend for his birthday?

Video games or money or a gift card to beat buy or something 12 year olds like

What are some good things to say in a birthday card for your boyfriend?

i love to say your name at night

What is a good homemade birthday present for a boyfriend in a teenage relationship?

A card or a day out with each other.

What should you get your boyfriend for your first valentines together?

Get him a funny card.

What shouLd you get your boyfriend for his 12 birthday?

Well, whatever he likes- if he likes art, I suggest get him a drawing pad and a nice happy birthday card. But, you are your boyfriend is only 12, so dont go over board with his birthday. If he likes video games, get him a cheap one. Or, make something homemade! A bracelet, a necklace... Whatever he likes!

What is a good Birthday present for your Boyfriend on his 13th birthday?

Jacket, handmade card, inside joke item, art, etc. Depends on what his interests are.

What should your birthday card look like?

cool as

Should you put birth date on birthday card?

yeaa, you should. people like it when they can remember what year that birthday was...

What to give a boyfriend for their birthday?

You can give him any sort of card but if your not sure what to get him ask him because that is the best answer your gonna get!!!!

What to do for your boyfriend birthday?

Find out what he likes.Dont make it major.Just get a little card and maybe a football,something like that.

What day should you send a birthday card to Andrew Lloyd webber?

why would you send a birthday card to andrew lloyd webber?