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The presence of microvilli typically indicates absorption and or secretion. Microvilli are cellular membrane protrusions that are microscopic in size.

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What is the function of microvilli in cells?

it will increase the surface area of the cell

What type of cell functions does the presence of microvilli typically indicate?

Microviili increase the plasma membrane surface area. They are generally found in absorptive cells. (e.g. intestinal cells)

The advantage of the presence of microvilli on cell membranes is?

the membrane has a greater surface area for an increased rate of diffusion

What structure do you find on the surface of a cell whose main function is absorption and secretion?


What is the specialized function of microvilli?

Microvilli are the finger like projections present on the outer surface of the cell. Their function is to increase the surface area of the cells through which the diffusion of materials both into and out of the cell occur. They are also involved in absorption, secretion and cellular adhesion.

Why are microvilli only possible in animal cells and not in plant cells?

Since the function of the microvilli is to increase the cell's surface area, it can only exist in the animal cell and not plant cell because the plant cell has a cell wall and is therefore rigid and unable to expand in size.

What is the function of cell of intestinal lining?

Those cells have microvilli, which helps to absorb nutrients from the small intestine.

What does microvilli do in a cell?

Microvilli on a cell increase the overall surface area exposed on the cell which leads to better absorbsion of substances

What features indicate that a cell is a plant cell and not an animal cell?

lack of a cell wall and chloroplasts and the presence of centrioles

Which cell are balloon shaped?

the microvilli

What cell increases the membrane surface area?


What increases cell surface area and storage?


What are the types of Cell extensions?

Microvilli, cilia, and flagella.

What does an animal cell have that a palnt cell does not?

lysosome, Cilia, Flagella, Microvilli, Centrioles

The function of an antigen-presenting cell depends on the presence of what?

MHC proteins.

What are the advantages of having organelles in cells?

The advantages of having organelles in cells is that they contribute in their own way to cell function. Each organelle helps the cell function as a whole. Some organelles carry out functions that aren't required by cells, such as chloroplasts and microvilli.

What cell structure Increases the membrane surface area?


Projections of the plasma membrane of a mucosal epithelial cell?


What are the folds in the cell membrane of the intestinal cells called?


What is the extensions of cell membrane to increase surface area?


What organelle increases surface area for cell absorption?


What are short hairlike projections on a cell surface?

Microvilli, stereocilia

Small finger-shaped projections of the cell membrane?


Is the Microvilli found in a plant or animal cell?

Animal cells only

How does a plant cell function?

A plant cell functions using the various components that it has. The presence of chloroplasts in the cell defines some of the functions like processing nutrients.