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What type of classes are required to earn a BA in Social Work?


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The school that you are wanting to attend will be able to give you a list of classes that are required, since each school is different.

Generally speaking, colleges and universities do not award bachelor's degrees in social work (there are a few exceptions, such as University of Maryland Baltimore Campus). It is more common for the educational institution to offer a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree.


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You can begin to get Social Worker training before you earn your degree. Keep in mind that almost every state licencing requirement will include a master's in social work.

The minimum requirement for a social worker is a bachelor's degree in social work (BSW).

You can earn a degree to become a school social worker by getting a master's degree in social work and justice. You will also need a form of accreditation first.

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Typically, a social worker requires a bachelors degree. A bachelors degree in social work is designed as a four year program of study as a full-time student, provided the student takes the degree as prescribed by the college or university. The amount of credits required can range between 120 and 128, depending on the school and state mandates.

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The education required for mental health counseling is the person interested needs to first earn a bachelor's degree in either counseling, psychology, sociology, education, or social work. Most places who are looking for mental health counselors also require the individual to have a master's degree or a doctorate.

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