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The Macro virus is the most common type of computer virus. The ILOVEYOU virus is one example of this type of virus which hides in a document or spreadsheet.

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2013-02-28 16:23:06
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Q: What type of computer virus is most common?
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What can a virus do to your PC?

Viruses can steal information or destroy computers. The most common virus only steals improtant information. The worst type of virus can destroy a computer, and that computer can never be used again.

How computer virus infects the files?

It depends on the type of virus. The most common is the Trojan virus, which will hide inside an "ordinary file" and start spreading to other files through registry keys and documents/software installed. At least that is the most common.

What is the most common type of a computer?

Desktop computers is the common type of computer. Or we can say calculator is the type of computer

What is the most common type of computer monitor?

The most common type of computer monitor is the LCD monitor. The brand and size varies however, depending on the user.

When a person makes a computer virus can they get into your computer?

Some times they can but it depends on what type of virus.

What is a virus in the computer?

a type of disraction which makes your computer slow

How do you download a virus to crash your computer files?

i donno go to google and type want a virus on computer

What is the most common type of computer storage?

The most common type of computer file storage is Hard Disk , it is in built with computer . External Storage is Like CD , DVD , Pen Drive , Floppy Drive .

This is a type of code that is harmful to computer?


What type of computer virus is the same with the usual human sickness?

The Ebola virus

4 types of viruses?

Worms: A virus that copies it self through out your computer with out you knowing and eats through stored data on your computer. Smart Bomb: A multiple type of a virus that waits until activated or a set date to run. Batch:Most common, simple "virus". Though not many real hackers consider it a virus but ti is a common thing on the internet... It can be used for malicious intent and delete files.. They come in the .bat extention. Trojan:One of the most common virus, normally isntalls with another program you downloaded.. Its binded, with it. Makes your computer accesable to RATS(Remote admin Tools) that allows others to connect to your computer.. Or allows you to become a part of a botnet.. There are a lot more then 4 types but those are some of the most common.

Is LCD the most common type of flat panel technology used for small to medium sized computer monitors?

Yes, the LCD is the most common type.

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