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South Korea is a country located in Asia. It lies right of China and left of Japan. The original 'Korea' was divided into South and North Korea after the Korean War. A section lies between the two countries called the DMZ (demilitarized zone) where no weapons are allowed.

In South Korea, since the Korean War, there has been remarkable economic rises. It's economy went from disastrous to marvelous. Now, it has a lot of technology and its cities are well structured. Many things are going well in South Korea except for the constant rivalry with North Korea.

In North Korea, since the Korean War, there has been a big economic downfall. It's economy was terrible, much like South Korea's after that war. But instead of working together to improve it, the country failed to make an economic rise. Now, the cities are dirty and the people are hungry. The communism government isn't doing much help to the failing country either. North Korean people often try to sneak into China or South Korea, but many do not succeed. Either dying from starvation or from being shot by a North Korean soldier. North Korea is making many illegal nuclear weapons and the United States is trying to trade the nuclear weapons for help. They have recently agreed, but no one yet knows how this will do.

See, North Korea and South Korea are very different. North Korea is having an unsuccessful economic rise, while South Korea is known as the country with the fastest successful economic rise in the whole world. We can only hope that North Korea will fall in the footsteps of South Korea.

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What type of government does the country of South Korea have?


What country is south Korea in?

South Korea is a country...

Is South Korea a country or a state?

South Korea is a country.

Is South Korea a developing country?

No. South Korea is More like developed country.

Is south Korea a tropical country?

NO. South Korea is a temperate country, not a tropical one.

Seoul is the capital of which country?

Seoul is the capital of South Korea.Korea ... South Korea to be exact.South Korea.

Which country is better South Korea or nigereia?

south Korea

What is the country directly to the south of north Korea?

South Korea.

Which of the Korea among north Korea and south Korea is more developed country?

South Korea

Differences between north Korea and south Korea?

North Korea is not a free country but South Korea is.

What type of government do Japan China South Korea and Taiwan have?

Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are all democracies, while China is a communist country.

Is South Korea a good country to live in?

Yes, of course South Korea is a good country to live. South Koreans are helpful and friendly to their allies that treated them good and there is no communism in South Korea so South Korea is a very safe country to be in!

When did South Korea become a country?

south Korea became a country on august,15, 1948

What country borders South Korea to the south?

South Korea is a peninsula, so only the sea borders Korea to the south.

Is South Korea a command economy?

No. South Korea is a capitalist country.

Is Korea a communist country?

North Korea is, South Korea is not.

What country is south of south Korea?

No country dear. korea (including North korea at north and south korea at south) is a peninsula, form above it is attached to China and the other sides are just sea.

Is South Korea a communist country?

North Korea is communist, South Korea is democratic. Which means South Korea is not a communist.^0^

Which southeast Asian country is divided into a North and a South?

North and South KoreaKorea in divided into north and southNorth KoreaSouth Korea

Is South Korea a middle class country?

No. South Korea is a high class country. The only countries in Asia that are fully developed are South Korea and Japan.

What are the Bordering countries of South Korea?

North Korea is the only bordering country to South Korea.

Is Egypt in South Korea?

No, it is not. Egypt is a country in North Africa and South Korea is a country in East Asia.

When did South Korea become a developed country?

In September 2009 South Korea became a developed country.

What is South Korea?

South Korea is a country in East Asia that is south of China and to the west of Japan. Korea is divided into two countries. North Korea and South Korea.a country in Asia that borders north Korea and famous for a company called samsung and LG.

Are North and South Korea in Korea?

South Korea is one country and North Korea is an other country. They are both a seperate country.