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may be they are creating self , it means that softwares will created by own software proffessional , using database oracle, access, sql server

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Q: What type of database program do doctors use?
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What is an advantage of a database program?

Whenever you use the database program then you can easily manage your long data in easy way. The computation is being easy now with using the database program.

Why might a doctors surgery use a database?

You would use a database for a doctors surgery because it would be more easy to find a patient's date of birth, medical issues, allergies etc. They would also have details on staff, other doctors, medication and other things doctors use.

What kind of program is Microsoft access?

Microsoft Access is a type of database management program. It offers a graphical user interfaces that one can use to create and manage databases.

What do doctors surgery use database for?

to make sure that people have big di[\\

Can you use are spreadsheet applicable for all database?

Not really. You can use a spreadsheet for simple databases, but use a database program, such as MS Access, for relational databases.

What type of database does WikiAnswers use?


How do you create a data base?

If your database program uses standard SQL commands, you would use the CREATE DATABASE command.

What is the term for a ready to use database that includes the data structure for the selected type of database?


What type of technology do doctors use?


Is there an online database to search my orthopedic surgeon?

You can in general use any online search engine and type in your doctors name. There are some sites that provide reviews for surgeons. Have a look at

Compare and contrast a spreadsheet and a database program?

Use some tool: like [D-Softs Database Compare] They are database tools.

Which type of database model connects data in different files through the use of a key field?

Relational Database

How do you create database software by using Excel?

Use different sheets as the different tables of a relational database. It will be much more cumbersome than using a real relational database program, but it can be done.

What might you use a database for?

Type your answer here... to keep a criminal record

How do you connect sql with c?

That depends on the database you want to connect to. If you want to connect to a MySQL database, for instance, you can use the MySQL client libraries, which provide a set of functions you can use from a C program to connect to a MySQL server database. Or alternatively, you can use an ODBC driver to connect to any database (as long as you have the right driver installed).

Which type of program can you enlarge a digital photograph?

which type of program can you use to enlarge a digital photograph

What type of program do you use to type a business letter?

You would use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word.

What type of drug test do doctors normally use?


What sort of database software is reqired for Windows 7?

Hypermedia Database is the best suited type of database to use with programs that are running Windows 7. The World Wide Web is a prime example of a Hypermedia Database.

Why do you need a database?

is a program that allows you to create and managedatabases. Adatabase is a place where you can store information related to a specific topic. How you intend to use the information will determine whether you need an Access database or a different program to create and manage your data

Why would you use database?

why would you use database?

What is the use of Lotus in computer?

The Lotus is a database, notes, calendaring and email program that can be run on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Why might a doctor's surgery use a database?

To track patients, To track payments To reference medications and interactions To contact specialists and other doctors.

What type of tools do doctors and nurses use for observation?

doldos and handcuffs

Why would McDonald's use database?

McDonald's use database for...