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It does not require much education to get into real estate. A GED or High school diploma is all that is required to take a real estate class. The real estate class usually requires 6 months or so of training and then you're ready to go!

After you take and pass your real estate courses and have a license, you can get further education as a real estate broker but you can sell without a broker's license.

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maybe mathmatics since it has something to do with numbers,physics ,computer science, and maybe journalism

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Is hard to learn real estate on the colleges because real estate change so, the college has to change curriculum every year or so.

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Bachelor of Arts Land Economics-University of Nairobi Kenya

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Q: What type of degrees are required to become real estate agent?
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What degree would one need to become a real estate agent?

A college degree is not required to become a real estate agent, but there are training and classes required in order to obtain a Real Estate license.

Does one have to have specialized education to enter the real estate agent field?

College degrees are not required to become a real estate agent. However, one must possess a high school diploma or GED and must meet other qualifications that vary from state to state.

What do I have to do to become a real estate agent?

Real estate industry is best for your wealthy growth, so real estate investment, it's crucial to learn from the best. Always open your eye and learn or follow those who on top mentors in the field. They can offer valuable insights and guidance, propelling your career to new heights. Learn from their experiences, adopt proven strategies, and stay updated on industry trends to stay ahead in the competitive real estate landscape. you can follow these steps:- A). Education and Licensing. B). Market Research. C). Build a Strong Network. D). Develop Marketing Skills. E). Utilize Technology. F). Stay Ethical and Professional.

What kind of training is required to become a real estate agent in Alberta?

To become a real estate agent in Alberta one has to become a licensed real estate associate in Alberta. A comprehensive course if offered online and in the classrooms in three different phrases. If one passes all of these three phrases he/she becomes a licensed real estate associate.

Can a felon become a real estate agent?


How does one become a real estate agent buyer?

You can become a real estate agent buyer by studying real estate policies in college or law in college. In addition, you can try applying for a real estate agency.

What is the use of a Colorado real estate license?

A Colorado real estate license is required if you want to become a real estate agent in Colorado. This is a state requirement. The education you need for a license will cost around $500.

Gcse grades needed to become a UK estate agent?

You don't really need good grades to become a UK estate agent. You need to have the appropriate licensing to perform this job.

How do you become a repossion agent in west Virginia?

In order to become a West Virginia Repossession agent, training is required at an accredited school. Some states require licensing, so a test may be required, and experience working in a related field of real estate may be required to test. After a surety bond and state licensure, a tow truck operator CDL license are also required.

What makes a real estate broker different from a real estate agent?

Real estate broker & Real estate agent are same both of them will do the same job.Answer:Real Estate Brokers required to have more experience and education, than agents. And also a real estate agent may be a person who works under a registered broker.

What GCSE do you need to become a property developer?

what gcse do i need to become an estate agent

Where can I inquire anything about online real estate class?

The Academy of Real Estate can provide you the information you need about online real estate classes. You can visit their website at You can also read an article on How to Become a Real Estate Agent in