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Helen Keller wanted an Akita dog from Japan. She was given one within a month by the name of Kamikaze-go. She received the dog in 1937.

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Helen Keller's dog, named Sir Thomas, was an Akita.

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Q: What type of dog was Helen Kellers dog Maggie?
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Was Helen kellers dog named Maggie?

She had many dogs, but I don't remember any named Maggie... my favorite one of her dogs was a Boston Terrier named Phiz :)

What color dog was Helen Keller's?

brown was the color of helen kellers dog!

What was Helen kellers favorite animal?


What was the name of Helen Keller's dog?


What was Helen Keller's first dog?


What kind of dog did Helen Kellers have?

a Boston terrier named phiz

What was Helen kellers 1st pet?

Helen Keller's first pet was a dog named Belle. Belle was a lively and affectionate companion to Helen during her childhood.

Why did Helen kellers dog kill it self?

There is no evidence or information to support the claim that Helen Keller's dog killed itself. This seems to be a false or misinformed statement. Helen Keller had a close bond with her dog and there is no record of such an incident occurring.

What did Helen Keller name her dog?

A bit of research turned up that Ms Keller's first dog was a Japanese Akita named Kamikaze-Go, which she was given during a trip to Japan in the late 1930's. When, unfortunately, Kamikaze died in 1938, she was presented with his older brother, Kenzan-go, by the Japanese government, as a replacement.

Who were Helen kellers life companions?

Helen Keller had several life companions, including her teacher Anne Sullivan, who helped her overcome her disabilities and learn how to communicate. Helen was also close with her personal secretary, Polly Thomson, who assisted her in daily tasks and communication. Additionally, Helen had a lifelong companion in her beloved dog, Sir Thomas.

When did Helen Keller's dog die?

Helen Keller's dog, named Sir Thomas, died in 1921. Helen had a strong bond with her dog, and his death deeply affected her.

Did Helen Keller have a dog as a little girl?

yes Helen had a dog so people say.