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Since an earthquake or seismic wave is a pressure or force wave (like sound waves), it requires a material in which to propagate. So, no earthquake waves can travel through a vacuum.

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What evidence do we have that light travel through a vacuum?

You create a vacuum in a lab, and then shine a light through it, and there is experimental proof that light travels through a vacuum. Alternatively, take the fact that light travels through space - if light could not travel through a vacuum, no light from the stars, the moon or the sun would ever reach our planet.

Why do light waves require a medium in which to travel?

Light waves do not require a medium through which to travel. They will travel (propagate) perfectly well in a vacuum. Otherwise, light would not pass through the vacuum of space. It would be very dark here on earth as the light from the sun, moon and stars could not reach Earth through the vacuum of space.

Can sound produced on the moon travel to the earth?

Because sound requires a medium to travel through, sound cannot travel through space because space is a vacuum. Therefore a sound produced on the moon could not travel to earth.

Can electromagnetic waves travel through matter through a vacuum?

Electromagnetic waves such as light can pass through material medium such as water, glass etc and at the same time it could pass through vacuum ie a medium of free space.

Why the sound waves could not pass through vacuum?

Sound waves need to cause vibrations in a medium in order to travel. Vibrations cannot be created in a vacuum, as there is no matter present.

What situation could sound not travel?

If there was a vacuum gap.

Do visible light waves require a medium to travel?

No, they don't. If they did, then light couldn't pass through a vacuum. It would be very dark here, because the light from the sun, moon and stars could not reach Earth through the vacuum of space.

Does light require matter to move through?

No. Space might as well be nothing, because it is, and light can still reach us through a huge vacuum. Light doesn't need a medium to travel so it could travel without matter

Can mechanical waves travel through vacuum?

Definitely could not. Because mechanical waves badly need a material medium to get propagated. Sound needs atleast air medium to pass through

How could Neil Armstrong talk to Nixon through the vacuum of space?

The communication was done using radio signals which can be transmitted in a vacuum. Radio waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, as are light waves, x-rays and microwaves. Just as light from far distance stars travel through empty space and reach your eyes, so can radio waves travel through space to a radio receiver.

What objects could sound travel in?

Sound travels through matter of any state, solid, liquid, gas or plasma, as long as the matter's molecules are close enough to interact with each other. The denser the matter, the easier and faster sound travels through it. Sound cannot travel through a vacuum or near-vacuum, like space, but it can be converted into variations in an electo-magnetic carrier wave, which can be transmitted through space then converted back to sound.

How far could an alpha particle travel in a perfect vacuum?

Why should there be an end on it? Definitely infinitely.

Can a black hole travel through space?

Yes, a black hole could travel through space.

What does sound need to travel through?

sound needs a medium to travel through, it could be air, a gas ,solid,or liquid sound cant travel through a vacum

If a spaceship exploded in space could you hear it?

No. Sound requires a medium through which to travel, and to all intents and purposes Space is a vacuum. (It contains some gas and dust but at vanishingly low density.)

Which method of heat transfer can take place if two objects at different temperatures are placed without touching each other in a vacuum?

Heat doesn't travel through a vacuum. The energy could be changed to light and radiate across the gap, so that would be radiation.

If two people were in a vacuum could they hear each other speak - This is a hypothetical question and assumes a true vacuum.?

No. Yes, provided it is a vacuum that they could survive. A true vacuum in which there is no matter of any kind is a real stretch of physics, and only really exists in theory. What we call a vacuum is really just a strong negative pressure. Matter is still present. Even in the "vacuum" of space, there's still some matter.Answer No. Sound waves will not travel through a vacuum. There is a physics lesson explaining why in detail on this website http://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/sound/U11L1a.html

If moon blew up would be be able to hear the explosion?

No, as sound cannot travel through the vacuum of space. If any fragments hit the Earth, however, we could certainly hear the sound of the impact.

Why can't sound travel on an asteroid?

sound cant travel on an asteroid because it has no atmosphere. it could travel through it.

Were people warned in the Haiti Earthquake?

The people of Haiti we not warned as they could not tell the activity of the earthquake developing also they had a large population so word would not travel fast.

Do earthquakes travel through oceans?

Yes, some earthquakes travel through water. They could cause Tsunamis and other stuff.

Where can one get travel insurance if pregnant?

There are many places where one could get travel insurance if they were pregnant. The best place where one could get travel insurance would be through a travel agency.

Can sound waves travel through lasers?

Yes. The laser beam is a beam of coherent light. Just photons. Meanwhile the sound wave is travelling through a medium....which isn't really true of the photons, they'll travel whether there's a medium or not. There's essentially no interaction or interference between the two. Saying that I can think of ways you could detect sound waves using lasers...but I wouldn't worry about that - sound will travel just fine through a laser beam providing it still has a medium to travel through. i.e: a laser can be present in a strong vacuum but sound won't pass through a strong vacuum - at least not to any useful degree....but that's not the laser stopping it.

Can magnetic lines of force travel through vacuum?

There ARE no magnetic lines of force. The magnet and iron filings demonstration causes the illusion of lines, but if you take a picture of the "lines" and replace the paper and iron filings, the "lines" will appear in a different place. But if there WERE lines of force they probably could exist in vacuum.

What is a photon accelerator?

It would be a tachyon generator I suppose. However, with current understanding of physics, no such thing can be built. While light can change velocity depending upon the medium it is traveling through, the speed of light in a vacuum is as fast as it can get because there is no fermionic matter slowing the photons within the vacuum. I suppose if you could pass them through a field generated by a "warp drive" they could travel faster than light in a vacuum, as seen by some outside observer. But as I am sure you are aware, this is technology far beyond modern engineering.

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