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It does depend on what kind of business you want to run. But you also need to know how to run a business, and what you need to run the business. (material wise) Anyways, running a business is hard especially if you do not have enough money for everything. And if your business is going bad, then your business, is going to go out of business because you wont be getting any money from it !

If you intend to start a new Business its always advisable to do a job first to get experience of that particular field of your Business.In this way it becomes more comfortable in running the business ,since you get a proper knowledge from your work experience about handling the business properly.At the same time its always good to do proper financial and management planning,studying selling market,product costs if you're starting a manufacturing business,etc, before getting into any new business,in order to do things successfully and avoid losses.


Read the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and i guarantee the knowledge you will obtain from this book will be a big asset for you.


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hellooo Erm what skills are required to be a physical education teacher? thanks x

For a normal dog trainer education is not required, but it is still suggested.

The skills required to be a dermatologists are knowledge,education and talent. Inorder to be interested in this career you need to enjoy it.

As a business owner for most of my adult life, I don't think there is a simple answer. You must be able to properly communicate through reading, writing and good verbal skills. You must also have good common sense. While communication skills typically come from education (both institutional as well as social), common sense comes from within the person. Formal education is a plus, however I have known many successful business owners who never completed high school or a day of college. These people simply had a knack for business and making money. To sum it all up, you need ambition, passion, good communication skills and common sense.

Learning in any career environment is essential. The more knowledgeable, the better the problem solving skills. To be in business its essential to continue some form of education particularly that associated directly or indirectly with the role

I do not think any particular amount of education is required. The skills required to recognise an easier or better way tend to be innate rather than learned. Education is still important to learn the skills you were not born with.

To start any business, business education plays an important role. It helps to develop the business skills to compete the business competitor and run the business smoothly. Lot of institutions are available in India who offer business courses.

If the question you are trying to ask is why is education important?, then i can answer it. Education is important because in order for anyone to succeed in the vastly and speedily changing world today, our world requires a basic education. Communication skills, humanitarian skills, business skills, writing skills, all important.

basic education, nice talking skills. Good with managing others, good personality.

Required skills are necessary in any business to make a profit

everything because businessstudies is the same as computer and ICT

The skills required to become an architect include computer skills, drafting skills, math skills in geometry and algebra, and excellent communication skills. You will also need business skills.

An education in Computer Programming or graphics is required in website designer. Also artistic skills are needed.

Michael R. Bloom has written: 'Understanding employability skills' -- subject(s): Life skills, Vocations qualifications 'Ethical guidelines for business-education partnerships' -- subject(s): Business and education, Industries, Social aspects of Industries

Business management can be considered as the most challenging jobs around. In order to be a good one, a business manager should be better at some skills required like being motivated at work, has a good communication skills, and good at planning and decision-making.

what skills are required to be a counselor

an idiot could be a model it doesnt take an education to stand there, look pretty, n take direction from a photographer...

An education on the business side of fashion. This will help you gain the skills that will help you successfully launch your store like; marketing skills, advertising skills, and so on.

Make a small business website for free with Webs. Easy, professional tools with no technical skills required. Create your free business website today.

Advertising is a vital business activity that requires planning skills, fact-gathering ability, creativity, artistic talent, and written and oral communication skills.

What are the skills required to become a toxicologist?

12th standard and good communication skills is enough for call center job

The position of veterinary assistant is an entry-level position for veterinary staff and there are no required skills or education. However, experience with animals is highly valued.

The type of training required to become a financial consultant is completing formal education from a college or university, then putting the information learned into practice. Computer skills are usually required.

What are the skills required by executives? Also explain the methods of developing such skills.

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