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Q: What type of electromagnetic wave do night vision detect?
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What type of electromagnetic radiation is used in night vision glasses?

Infra-red light. Invisible to human eyes, but relatively easy to generate, focus, and detect.

Night vision goggles allow yon to see warm objects in a dark environment which type of electromagnetic wave do they detect?

They allow you to see infared rays

Vision is what type of energy?

Vision is not any type of energy. Vision can detect the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum by the interaction of electromagnetic waves with chemical compounds; this interaction then results in electrical impulses being sent to the brain.

What type of electromagnetic wave can be detect?

all of them

What type of electromagnetic waves do we have the most experience with?

For people with normal vision, that would have to be light.For people with impaired vision or no vision, I'd say heat.Heat and light are the only electromagnetic radiation thathumans can detect physiologically. You might go way outand say that after light and heat, the next one is radio.

What part of the electromagnetic spectrum does night vision lie?

The question is a lot like asking "What is the frequency of hearing ?", or "How fast is speed ?", or "How much does money cost ?". "Night vision" is the sensitivity of the human eye to extremely low light conditions, or the use of optical and electronic devices to render an invisible scene in visible wavelengths. It's not a type of radiation that can be located on the electromagnetic spectrum.

What type of electromagnetic energy is detected by bats?

Bats can detect bio-sonar. They use it for echolocation.

Which type of hearing aids are required by persons on the surface of moon?

The hearing aids which transmit and detect electromagnetic waves as electromagnetic wave can propagate on the moon.

Which type of waves are used for night vision apparatus?

Infra-red waves are used in night vision apparatus.

Which type of waves are used in technological devices such as night vision goggles or heat -seeking missiles?


what type of electromagnetic radiation do sensors use to detect differences in temperature?

infrared radiation-apex

What type of electromagnetic radiation do night vision goggles use?

Infrared light is used in industrial, scientific, and medical applications. Night-vision devices using infrared illumination allow people or animals to be observed without the observer being detected.