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Q: What type of energy do power plants generate?
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Which type of power plants generate the least amount of pollution?

nuclear power plants

What type of energy does a nuclear power plant generate to boil water with?


What type of energy does a nuclear power plant generate to boil water?


What type of energy is tidal power?

Renewable. It uses the movement of the oceans to generate electricity when it is used for power.

Which type of power plant would generate more clean energy at a low cost?

The best type of power plant to generate the most clean energy at a low cost would probably be wind and power energy. However, the issue of space would eventually come into play as it is not the most practical.

How can the energy from renewable resources be used to generate power?

Those resources can be converted into whatever type of power is needed.

Which type of power station uses chemical energy to generate electricity coal fired or nuclear?

Coal fired

What type of energy source provides a cheap form of power but can be harmful to fish?

Hydroelectric power plants

What type of energy does power plant generate?

Electricity and steam. In some locations the steam is used to heat homes and businesses.

What type of energy use at home?

Hydroelectric power (from a dam), nuclear energy, solar power and wind power generate electricity. Natural gas is used for heating. Solar (the sun) can produce heat and electricity.

What is used to generate energy?

Energy can not be created or destroyed. Therefore, to "generate energy" you need some other kind of energy - you convert one type of energy into another.

What type of renewable energy should Sydney generate?

Australia should be generating solar power because they get lots of the sun's light.