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API-GL-5 or SAE 75W/85W gear oil. 1986-89 is 2.2 quarts, while 1990-1994 takes 1.9 quarts

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Q: What type of fluid does a Hyundai Excel 5-speed manual transmission take?
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Which transmission fluid for Hyundai excel 99?

Hyundai ATF only.

Where is the reverse switch located on a Hyundai Excel?

The reverse switch on a manual transmission Excel is on the transmission itself. Look for a two wire plug on the top of the tranmission when looking down from the top of the engine. Most automatic transmissions have a similar wiring plug.

What transmission will interchange with Hyundai exel?

i have an excel 1994 and originally it was automatic, but it has a Mitsubishi mirage transmission.

Changing gear oil of Hyundai excel manual?

You site is usless and a waist of time

When was Hyundai Excel created?

Hyundai Excel was created in 1985.

Radio code for Hyundai excel?

To get the radio code for the Hyundai Excel you need to request it from Hyundai.

Does the 91 Hyundai excel have a 4 speed or a 5 speed gearbox?

it has a 4 speed manual trans in it

What engine oil is used for 1999 Hyundai excel hatchback?

Depends on where you live climate wise, refer to service manual, or google the manual online.

Where is the alternator located in a Hyundai Excel Sprint 1999 model?

where is the alternator located in a Hyundai excel 94 model

How much would it cost to change a Hyundai excel from manual to automatic?

depends who does it but my son had the rx7 converted from manual to auto....cost? $1500.the cost of the auto s/h and labour

What has the author Louis LeDoux written?

Louis LeDoux has written: 'Ford Laser & Mazda 323 automotive repair manual' -- subject(s): Maintenance and repair, Handbooks, manuals, Ford Laser automobile, Mazda 323 automobile 'Hyundai Excel automotive repair manual' -- subject(s): Hyundai Excel automobile, Maintenance and repair, Handbooks, manuals

What parts do you need to replace a clutch for a manual transmission a 94hyundai excel?

clutch plate disc and throwout bearing

What was the first car produced by Hyundai?

the Hyundai Pony Excel in 1986

Where can a person find information on the specifications of a Hyundai Excel?

They can easily be attained from redbook. You can get al the inormation you need from You can find the specifications of a Hyundai Excel from there. Find it there

How do you tune Hyundai Excel 93?

hiunday excel 3 doors engine 1500cc

Where can you find a free engine diagram for 1997 Hyundai Excel?

Im looking for an engine diagram of a Hyundai excel LS 5 door 93 model?

How do you remove Door Speakers in Hyundai Excel 1999 Model?

How do you remove front door Panel on Hyundai Excel 1999 to Rplace front door SPEAKER'S

What type of brake fluid for a Hyundai excel 1996?

according specs Hyundai it will be dot 3.

What happened if a 1992 Hyundai Excel with an automatic transmission was just driving along and it was like it went into neutral no forward gears and no reverse gear?

time to get new trannie

How do you remove the radio on a 1994 Hyundai Excel?

You don't

When to change timing belt Hyundai excel?


What is the firing order for a 1995 Hyundai Excel?


How do you remove the glove-box 1998 Hyundai Excel?

I have come to the conclusion myself that the only way to remove the glovebox in a Hyundai Excel is .................................................................................................................get a hammer and smash it to bits

Where could one purchase a used Hyundai Excel?

Pre-owned Hyundai Excels can be purchased from a variety of places. There are listings for used Hyundai Excels in Auto Trader and Cars. It is also possible to find used Hyundai Excel models at local car dealerships.

What is the fuel consumption for a Hyundai Excel sprint?

A 1995 model Hyundai Excel when filled to capacity should run for approximately between 500 and 550 kilomtres in city driving.