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The best source of iron that I have found is sea vegetables. They are vegetables that grow in the sea such as seaweed, but not the type of seaweed in Chinese foods. That is just dried cabbage. However, real seaweed and other sea vegetables could give you more than you need per day. You can probably find these things in health food shops.

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Food high in iron?

Food high in iron

What food have iron in them?

my answer is the food that got iron is mineral.

Is there iron in pet food?

yes, iron is in pet food . Iron is in everything edible.

What food or non food items do you crave when iron deficient?


What are non food uses of iron?

non-food usage iron

What type of food is good to eat if you have a anemia?

This depends on the cause of the anemia, but a very common cause is iron deficiency and suprisingly the best food to eat is food containing iron like clams and animal organs like livers and kidneys.

What food is iron found in?

Iron is found it lots of food like leafs.

What is the difference between iron in food and iron in iron rods?

No difference, except much much less iron in food than in a metal rod

How can iron be found in food?

Yes, many green leafy vegetables have some iron. Also, liver, beef and some fish have iron. No food has a lot of iron, though. Iron in food generally means iron-rich organic compounds rather than pure iron.

What type of bond is iron sulfate?

what type off bonding does iron sulphate have

Can Cooking food in cast iron cookware can add iron to your food?

yes but only traces

What type of atoms is in iron?

Iron atoms.

What are the uses of iron in food?

iron is very important part of food. it is required by our body to make heamoglobin which is a part of our blood so iron should be definitely included in our food.

What is aluminum-iron?

This is a new type of alloy, from aluminium and iron.

Does iron content have to be on a food label?

Sometimes the label displays, sometimes it doesn't. Depends on the responsibity of the food manufacturer on detailing the nutrients with accuracy. The consumer can check the nutrition facts of a product by knowing which type of food the package or can contain. Sometimes iron is added to the food. Sometimes the food has iron naturally. That's a matter of trusting on the manufacturer, and also that's a matter of learning everything about food's nutrients, either manufactured or not. JW70

Can the body produce iron or does it only come from food?

The body does not produce iron, it only absorbes it from food.

What kinds of food have iron in them?

Meat and beans are filled with iron.

How much iron in the iron rich foods?

it depends on the food

What is the best food for getting Iron?

Spinach is high in iron.

Is the iron in your food the same kind that sticks to magnets?

No, iron in your food is good for you. But if you ate iron that sticks to a magnet that could make you very sick.

What does iron bond with?

What does an iron bond with. And what type of bond does it have.

How often should you have iron in your food?

iron is an occential priortie you must have in your body women need iron to have kids me need iron to have good health so you need iron in your food everyday it says if your ppops green you have enough iron in your body

What food is good for nails?

Food which has Calcium or Iron in it.

What type of mixture is iron?

Iron is not a mixture. It is an element, made of only one type of atom.

What can be found in food?


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